Chapter 1496 Trust Me

Their daughter was sacrificed for their son’s sake; have they ever regretted it?    

Obviously, Fu Hui’s parents had never regretted it, as they only had their son in their eyes.

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“Watch her closely; if you let her run away, be careful of me breaking your legs.” Walking inside, Fu Hui’s father growled a warning; those eyes that should’ve been plain and honest shone with cruel indifference; he only cared about his own life and fulfilled his own desires with the suffering of others.

Fu Hui’s mother gazed at Ye Jian as if appraising merchandise. She scanned her from top to bottom, bottom to top then looked at her multiple times. Her eyeballs suddenly rolled as if calculating, and her gaze was filled with glimmer.

This young lady was quite the looker with big eyes, fair skin, small lips, and there’s also a vigor surrounding her that wasn’t present in the village girls. Her skin was also clean and free of blemishes; one glance told her this girl was an untouched virgin.

She tugged her husband, who gave their daughter a warning, using her eyes to indicate they should speak outside.

She then turned around towards Fu Hui: “Watch the girl, if anything happens, your father will get mad.” The women in the mountains don’t make the decisions, and everything was decided by their husbands.

Fu Hui was unsure whether this girl in her home could understand their local dialect, but seeing how her parents were assisting the wicked, her heart didn’t feel right.

She had tried to advise her parents to turn back to the light, but she received a severe beating instead, and they warned her that if she didn’t obey them, they’ll sell her to Lee Er and use the money they’ll receive to buy a wife for her foolish older brother.

Seeing how her parents were so obstinate and even said things like wanting to sell her away, Fu Hui, who had always been filial to her parents, felt more than just sadness.

That was also when she was absolutely certain that the so-called ‘Church of God’ was the evil cult in the news, and her parents had been brainwashed by them, unable to return to how they used to be.

“When we sleep tonight, don’t take off your clothes; I’ll bring you away from our village, don’t ask the reason; you just need to follow me.” Fu Hui couldn’t bear for the girl in front of her to land in Lee Er’s hands, but she couldn’t tell her too much. She was worried that it’ll make her scared, so she could only say some vague sentences.

Ye Jian already believed this girl in front of her eyes was sincerely trying to help her. Her black pupils that dazzled like the stars, yet as bright as the azure skies stared at the girl with a smile, she quietly said: “Hello Fu Hui, I’m Ye Jian, a scout that the Guilin police department had sent here, and also the person here to ensure your safety.”

“Trust me, Fu Hui, I won’t let anything happen to me; at the same time, I will also let you leave this mountain village safe and sound.” Ye Jian quickened her tone and told Fu Hui about what she needed to do as soon as possible, “Now I need your help, to find where the deceased officers…”

Before she finished her sentence, she noticed Fu Hui’s face was suddenly drained of all color; a frightful emotion surfaced in her eyes.

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She quickly glanced outside and said with trembling lips: “Why are you the only person here? No, it’s too dangerous here; you can’t stay here.”

To let a girl who looked about the same age as her to protect her was something Fu Hui was unable to accept, neither believe in for some time.

This land that had birthed her and raised her already changed, her neighbors who used to be kind and honest had turned selfish, indifferent, heartless, cruel… that was how her neighbors were like now.

Ye Jian raised her hand and gently patted this girl who had suffered day and night, “Believe me, Fu Hui, the police sending me over is more than enough to prove that I’m capable of taking care of your current difficulties, which are also the difficulties we are facing right now.”

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