Chapter 1497 This Was Her Light

She spoke very softly, speaking slowly without a hint of fear. Only assertiveness was visible, and the gaze staring towards herself was tranquil yet gentle. The shade of coldness between her brows suddenly wiped away the panic inside her heart.  

As peaceful as Mt. Tai, as steady as a boulder…, Fu Hui gradually calmed down.

Fu Hui’s parents, who were discussing who knows what outside, suddenly closed their home’s front gate, then locked it with a lock, and left with a flashlight illuminating the darkness.

Fu Hui noticed that her parents left and actually let out a breath of relief. They should’ve been her beloved family members, but since they had already progressed to this stage, that even made Ye Jian feel like sighing.

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“My parents have committed a grave mistake; if they continue on this path, the only thing waiting for them in the future is a death sentence. I am unable to persuade them into turning back, all I can do now is place my hope in the police, and I hope it isn’t too late.”

Without her parents watching her, Fu Hui revealed a deep bitter smile. Her eyes were also red; under the light, tears seemed to glitter in her eyes.

She did not continue talking about herself; she lifted her arm and wiped away at the corner of her eyes; the strong girl very calmly chose the important bits to tell Ye Jian, “The murdered policemen aren’t buried in one place. Chen Jiafu said they were ‘sinners,’ and are unworthy of reincarnation; if they aren’t properly taken care of, they’ll become evil spirits that would endanger all of the villagers.”

“That’s why…” The following things she said were too gory; just by thinking about it for a moment, Fu Hui didn’t even want to speak it aloud.

Ye Jian gently closed her eyes to hide the bloodlust beneath her eyes. Being dismembered so cruelly… even she who had been to the battlefield couldn’t speak of it so directly.

“Chen Jiafu is very cruel, but the villagers in our village have been brainwashed too powerfully and obey to his every whim. They treat his words like imperial edicts.” Actually, it should be said they treated it like the edict of God, but Fu Hui couldn’t bring herself to say that.

She had been standing all the while, and when she mentioned Chen Jiafu, she did not hide the hatred in her eyes. If it wasn’t because of him, maybe her parents would still be a little petty, but they would absolutely never tread on the path towards crime.

However, if her parents could’ve really stuck to their own natures, then Chen Jiafu couldn’t do anything about it.

All in all, everything happened because of one word: money.

“Exactly how many people participated in murdering the policemen, I’m not too sure about it. But I know my parents should’ve participated.” While speaking, Fu Hui rubbed at her eyes again, her voice also turned hoarser and hoarser, “I’m going to get you something, wait for a while.”

She didn’t let Ye Jian sit for too long. Less than three minutes later, Fu Hui returned to the room, and she held a photo in her hand. When she handed it over, she spoke softly with a sorrowful expression: “I picked that up from the pig latrine backyard.”

That was why Fu Hui said her parents participated.

In the picture, a young face with an energetic expression, in a brand-new police uniform, and pure white gloves on his hands, saluted towards the camera. 

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“This was one of the sacrificed policemen; he was only twenty-four. Fu Hui, I need your help, no matter what, I must find them and let their family see their whole remains.” A cold sternness flashed past her eyes as Ye Jian carefully stowed away the picture; she raised her eyes and calmly stared at Fu Hui, “Tonight, I need to find them.”

The eighteen-year-old Fu Hui nodded her head, “Okay, I’ll accompany you!”

“No need, Fu Hui, you need to stay here.” Fu Hui smiled as she shook her head, “You need to stay here and cover for my absence; you can’t let your parents find out I am gone; neither can you let the villagers know of my identity. I’ll have to trouble you for that in the next three days.”

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