Chapter 1498 To Fight Alongside You

Fu Hui wanted to interject, then heard Ye Jian speak up: “For your safety, and also for mine, Fu Hui, you must stay behind. Next, I need you to help me with something. Just in case, I need to know how many dogs there are in the village, which families have them, and which ones do not.”   

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“They are in every house and every family.” Fu Hui understood why Ye Jian made this inquiry because those policemen were discovered by the dogs in the village, “My family also has dogs, but they’re currently being locked in the backyard.”

Hearing that, Ye Jian’s forehead slightly creased together.

If every family here had dogs, then that wasn’t good; she was afraid the drugs she brought won’t be enough.

Pulling open her jacket’s zipper, then pulling a side zipper on the inner side, Ye Jian pulled out the drugs she had hidden in her jacket, “A concentrated serum, it can make the dogs go mad immediately, Fu Hui, your dog…”

“I’ll do it!” Fu Hui plucked the drug out of her hands and stared at Ye Jian with an unwavering gaze, “You plan, and I’ll listen.”   

For now, she can only trust in the young ‘female cop’ before her eyes. If she wanted to stop her parents from continuing to make mistakes, she had no other choice.    

In the single-story ranch built up by red bricks, the two girls put their bold plan into motion. Meanwhile, Fu Hui’s parents walked out of Chen Jiafu’s home with delighted expressions.

“Call our son, get him to come back, aiya! Now we don’t even need to save money for our son to get married. Should we go and get them a house in the city?” Fu Hui’s mother said cheerfully, after not laboring for several years, her body had started to grow plump, she seemed like an amiable person. Still, the words that came out of her mouth were quite painful to the ears, “We’ll have to finish this task as soon as possible, this girl will only behave herself after getting married and having children, we’ll need to go back and start making preparations.”   

Fu Hui’s father nodded: “Well, that’s the logic, tomorrow morning, when the sun is up, go give our son a call and make him hurry back. Oh right, tell him on the call, and say we’ve already found him a beautiful wife, and she’s not lesser than the ones outside.”

The ‘daughter-in-law’ this couple was talking about referred to Ye Jian. Since they have already settled their son’s marriage matter, this couple was even skipping while they walked.   

Past 8 p.m., the village was engulfed in darkness; the branches in the mountains seemed like ravenous beasts lying dormant and would instill fear in anyone that glanced at them. Bugs of the night were chirping ‘choo choo choo’ relentlessly in the underbrush, bringing a sense of serenity to the mountain village.    

Sitting in a chair, Lee Er’s complexion was really gloomy, she was very dissatisfied with her lover’s arrangement, he actually gave away such a wonderful ‘merchandise’ to the Fu family!   

“Charlie, I couldn’t get in touch with him the whole day today; Ah Er, if we still can’t contact him by tomorrow, we’ll leave overnight tomorrow.” Chen Jiafu was far from handsome, but he owned a pair of cunning eyes as he smoked on an expensive box of imported cigarettes, he blew smoke-rings as he bellowed: “We’ve already made one wrong move, if we make another wrong move, then we’ll have to spend the rest of our lives in prison.”   

Lee Er heard, and pulled out their credentials in her bag, and placed it on the table, “Come to think of it, they are watching us really tightly outside. Alright, I’ll listen to you; whatever you say, I’ll follow it to the letter.” 

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“Just, Wang Gui, have you thought about how to dispose of her?”

To dispose of his lover of one year, Chen Jiafu felt slightly unwilling; however, whether or not he felt unwilling wouldn’t matter this time around. With eyes filled with terror, Wang Gui stared at several young men who suddenly appeared in her home, and her plump body wouldn’t stop shaking.  

“Dear brothers, I really don’t know anything; I really only picked this phone up! If I had lied, then I’ll get struck by lightning and will die a horrible death!” Wang Gui swore a terrible vow; she didn’t care about the consequences; all she wanted to do was to make this crowd of fierce-looking demons leaves her home.

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