Chapter 1499 Not In A Rush, Speak Slowly

With a baseball cap on his head, Xia Jinyuan sat and lazed on a wooden sofa, his slender fingers played with a dagger nonstop. He’d toss the dagger in the air and catch it for a while, then hold the sharp dagger between his fingers and wiggle it around for a while. Wang Gui could only see how a deadly weapon used for hurting people, in the hands of the young man, seemed like a piece of paper that can’t even hurt him.   

“Stop trying to swear such vows. If I wanted to kill you, all it takes is a flick of the wrist. Do you believe me, or do you not believe me?” According to the tracking device on the phone, Xia Jinyuan brought his comrades and arrived at Wang Gui’s home. Facing the suspect’s constant denying, Xia Jinyuan and the rest, who were special forces soldiers, had plenty of ways.

While he was talking, the dagger in his hand ‘whooshed’ and flew towards Wang Gui’s forehead.


A scream that resembled a butchered pig echoed in the room; K7 found that noisy. After catching the dagger with his bare hands, he cut off two strips of cloth from his long T-shirt with the sharp blade; he rubbed his hands together and plugged his ears with the cloth.   

Xia Jinyuan and the others weren’t startled by this scene; K7 had always cared less for formalities.

Losing control of her bladder from fright, Wang Gui’s body trembled even more, her face was drained of blood, “I’ll speak, I’ll speak, I’ll tell everything, I’ll tell everything.” 

Too scary, too scary, who are these people? Since when did she get on the bad side of these people?

Actually, Wang Gui already had her guesses; she just didn’t dare to face them.

“Hmm, there’s no rush; speak slowly.” Leaning elegantly on the sofa, Xia Jinyuan clapped his hands; a shred of a smile could even be seen on his handsome face. He took his time: “If you can not say it clearly, then sorry, I’ll aim here later, and try to have the blade stab straight into your head, so you won’t feel a thing.”   

It was better if he didn’t say it, but after he said it, the frightened Wang Gui even vibrated in place.

She didn’t dare to make a vow anymore, neither did she dare to play a fool; whatever these fierce demons ask, she’ll answer without hiding anything.

Whenever she wanted to avoid getting into the details, the young man who even looked amazing sitting down scraped with his blade, which made waves of cold sweat form on her back as if he had already seen through she was going to lie. 

At the start, they were only asking things that related to her, but then they started to mention the Commissioner, Chen Jiafu, and Wang Gui only felt that her eyes were beginning to go dark.    

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Here it comes, here it comes, the thing she was most afraid of was finally going to come.

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These people aren’t fierce demons, they’re clearly policemen, and they were here to arrest her, arrest Chen Jiafu, and arrest Lee Er!   

In the past few days, her eyelids had never stopped twitching after nightfall, but it didn’t twitch tonight, probably because whatever was going to happen had found its way to her doors.

With a trembling body, Wang Gui cleared her throat and spoke. At the same time, tremors, “I only joined the ‘Church’ not too long ago, which was one year ago, because I live in the county town and know a lot of friends, Chen Jiafu gave me a large sum of money at once, and made me in charge of listening to the ongoings in the city.” 

Wang Gui wasn’t as gullible as the villagers to treat Chen Jiafu’s words as imperial edicts, but right now, she was in a tough situation where she had trouble fending for herself. How was it possible for her to exonerate Chen Jiafu, so she just blurted out everything she knew.

“… That’s all I know; Chen Jiafu wouldn’t tell me other things. Even if you have more questions, I’m already out of answers.” 

After hearing so much, it was already more than enough for Xia Jinyuan and the others. They stopped the recorder pen and stood up from the sofa. When the 180-190 cm tall men stood up, they were already giving off an oppressive feeling just from their height alone, which forced Wang Gui to keep her eyes on the ground, not daring to even move.

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