Chapter 1500: Search

“Leave it to the Guilin police.” Xia Jinyuan only replied one such sentence, directly wiping out the last trace of luck in Wang Gui’s heart.

She thought that as long as she confessed, she would be fine. She raised her head, forgetting her fears, and cried, “I’ve told you everything; what do you all want? You arrested me. All I know is that I thought I would be free if I confessed everything; why do you still want to lock me up? I’ve confessed everything; why are you all taking me away!”


Although shrewd, she was equally ignorant.


She violated the country’s laws and thought that as long as she confessed and apologized, she would be fine.

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“Notify the Guilin police to capture all the criminal’s Wang Gui confessed, and cut off the communication between the chief investigator and the outside world.” Wang Gui was taken away, and her food wholesale store temporarily became a base for members of the Elite Platoon. Xia Jinyuan opened the satellite map and pointed at a place with his slender finger. His handsome face was cold, “The place Chen Jiafu is hiding is here, surrounded by mountains and inconvenient for transportation. Guilin police will control all provincial highways and county stations.”


“We will drive to the mountain village overnight to meet Ye Jian and capture all the villagers in the village to prevent riots.” According to Wang Gui’s confession, the villagers in the mountain village where Chen Jiafu was located had all been brainwashed. If they only caught Chen Jiafu, all the villagers would make trouble. This was the last thing leaders wanted to see.


“Some of us will be at the front, Pigeon and the others will be the support, and Ye Jian will be our internal response while protecting the witnesses’ safety. Brothers, this battle is a bit special; we must be alert and don’t simply shoot fire.”

This battle is for the citizens, so they must deal with it carefully so as not to be criticized by the people.

Crane nodded, “Fight but not kill, can’t use a gun, then fight our bare hands.”

Performing tasks in their own country, especially when it comes to public issues, as soldiers, they are under greater pressure than fighting overseas. Even if they are facing criminals with guns, they cannot simply use their guns at them.

This is a restriction on military personnel. It is also a country’s responsibility to take care of its people’s lives.

The light in the small food wholesale department went out, and several dark shadows came out from the door and disappeared into the darkness.

The sound of the motorcycle started “broom broom broom”, and the people in the county town who entered their dreamland did not notice anything, continuing living their peaceful and simple life.


Someone had stepped out to shelter them from the wind and rain, to block the potential dangers, to solve the criminals who might endanger the society anytime, so that everyone else could live peacefully.

When the wind blew, the night sky with bright stars was covered by dark clouds, and even the insects had stopped calling. The world was entirely covered by darkness, full of unknown and full of danger.

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Ye Jian hadn’t slept yet; she came out of Fu Hui’s house and started to perform her task going to the location provided.

The water in the pond was a bit cold, and Ye Jian, who only took off her coat to one side, took a deep breath and dived into the pond. Without any protective measures, she searched with her hands.


Fu Hui said that the woven bag was thrown in the center of the pond, so she slowly searched for it near the center of the pond.

Fortunately, the pond was a bit remote, there were no houses nearby, and the sound of the water would not attract any attention. Ye Jian’s heart suddenly sank when she touched a woven bag filled with stones in the mud.

She found the first woven bag.

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