Chapter 1501: Province Attack

Ye Jian slowly dragged the woven bag out of the water until the depth of the water was just shoulder-high. She had a self-defense dagger to cut the tightly woven rope and take out stone after stone until the bag was empty. She picked up the woven bag with her hands and walked to the shore with a solemn expression.


Putting down the woven bag carefully, Ye Jian stood upright and saluted the woven bag. “Please wait two more days. I, Ye Jian, swear to you in the name of a soldier that I will take you away from here. You will be sent to your loved ones.”


Standing at attention and saluting, Ye Jian, who was alone in the dark, swore to the sacrificed policeman. She found the torso of one of the policemen.


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It was not over yet; she still needed to go to another place.

Fu Hui provided a total of eight locations, which meant that the sacrificed policemen were buried in eight different locations by his followers under Chen Jiafu’s instructions.


Ye Jian needed to find four places tonight and four more places tomorrow night.


Two of the burial sites were in the vegetable gardens of the villagers’ homes. Ye Jian did not look for them tonight. Instead, she went to the places far away from the houses and found the police who died for justice as quickly as possible.

At three in the morning, the director received a call from Xia Jinyuan, the person in charge of the Elite Platoon’s operation team. He said that Ye Jian, who had sneaked into the village, found four woven bags, but they could not confirm which policeman the body was. DNA testing was needed.


This was great news for Guilin police. Some people were even red eyes with excitement.

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Their brother can go home now, their brother can really go home now.


“Life and death are part of a battle. We must fully cooperate with the military to wipe out all the cult organization’s personnel!” At four a.m, the Guilin police in action took an oath, dressed in dark color clothes, and walked to their respective posts.

Due to the news from Ye Jian, the entire Guilin police blocked the entire province and strictly checked all entrances and exits. Some people were taken away at night, and some were picked up and taken away by the police in their sleep.

In Yuyang, the police raided the “Golden Bath”. The so-called technicians, masseurs, and waiters, including those working in the kitchen, were all taken away together by the police. As for senior management, they were taken away one by one.

The “Golden Bath” was in chaos. Some people wanted to use their mobile phones to notify others secretly, but then they realized that their mobile phones had no signal. The phone line was cut off, and they could not contact anyone outside at all.

“No signal, no signal, my phone has no signal.”

“Me too! What should we do? What should we do? How do we notify Sister Lee?” Those who were not taken away immediately were still discussing secretly, but the result was of no avail. They had no way to contact the outside world.

Lee Er, who was far away in the mountain village, had not received any news and was still sleeping soundly on the shoulders of her lover Chen Jiafu.

“We are still 41 kilometers away from the destination. Now we need to walk into the village.” Xia Jinyuan took a look at the time and took the lead in pushing the motorcycle into the woods. They had started their journey at 9 p.m, and it was 5:21 a.m. now.


The spare gasoline was separated from the motorcycle and hidden in a branch. Five minutes later, they got out and walked hurriedly and steadily into the dense fog.

The mountain was foggy, and Ye Jian, who had hidden four woven bags, also got out of the forest. Listening to the barking of dogs in the village, she quickly headed towards Fu Hui’s house.


It was about to be dawn, she had to hurry back soon.

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