Chapter 1504 Heaven’s Vengeance Is Slow But Sure

Seeing her parents so obsessive, Fu Hui only stood in a daze; even if she was standing under the sun, she was shrouded in despair, her future looked so gray, she lost the smile she should have at her age.

Cult organizations have existed since ancient times, and they are all leaders of deification. God’s Church is not the first cult organization, nor will it be the last cult organization, but they will never let it develop and endanger social stability.

Ye Jian looked at Lee Er’s leaving figure, her hands slowly clenched into fists; you just wait, Lee Er, your life won’t be too long!

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Thirty households in the small mountain village live in the mountains, and they were not gathered together, except for the six families near Chen Jiafu; the rest were retail households.

“How many brothers and sisters does Chen Jiafu have? Who are the ones that came here recently? Who are the ones that are usually at his home?” After learning how many people there were in the village, how many men and women, and how many young adults, Ye Jian focused on asking about Chen Jiafu.

The information provided by the Guilin police was not detailed enough for the Elite Platoon and Ye Jian. The criminals were also divided into primary and secondary ones. The key to catch must be clear to prevent fish from slipping through the net.


Fu Hui, who finally had someone whom she could talk to, replied to Ye Jian. The more she talked, the clearer Ye Jian was, “He has two brothers and two sisters who were married to other provinces. Chen Jiafu is the third son. His brothers are the closest to him. They would come forward whenever anything happens.”


“Next is Lee Er, and then the six households surnamed “Chen,” neighbors who live near his home. The village chief is also surnamed, Chen. My brother stays close to him; the village chief will get any benefits first.”

The two chatted while walking. Ye Jian remained highly vigilant; once someone approached, she would immediately stop talking about the topic. Fu Hui was surprised.

She totally didn’t realize any villagers were following behind them, but Ye Jian immediately noticed it when the villagers were still five or six meters away.

“You’re so amazing; how do you know that someone is following?” Fu Hui blinked, looking at Ye Jian with bright eyes, “And some more, they were still so far away.”

Ye Jian smiled and said: “We’ve been trained, so that’s how we can sense people immediately. They are not professional trackers anyway, so it’s easier to sense their presence from far.”


Fu Hui exclaimed and admired: “Then you must train very hard, and you must be the best policeman in the police station.” If not, she would not be allowed to enter the village alone.


Fu Hui felt quite relieved.


The hundred-year-old maple tree in the village could already be seen. In autumn, the maple tree leaves were already yellowing. Ye Jian stopped, looking at the quaint and peaceful scenery.


With such beautiful scenery, it was a pity that it would not be long before she and the villagers who grew up on this land could hardly meet again.

“If you work hard, you will get what you deserve, just like how you are experiencing hardships now, it’s so that you can face even greater difficulties in the future.” There was only one main trail in the village, and they could walk the entire mountain village using this trail. After Ye Jian comforted Fu Hui, she followed the trail with a purpose. She was going to memorize the trail and her surroundings.


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When they walked to a stone monument, Fu Hui said softly: “You can’t go any further. The road ahead leads into a mountain. People in our village cannot go out easily, and people outside cannot easily enter the village. Everything must be approved by Chen Jiafu.”

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