Chapter 1505 Return

Even if she didn’t sleep last night, Fu Hui didn’t feel sleepy at this moment. She kept talking about things in the village.

She had been depressed for too long, hiding too many things in her heart. She might go crazy if she didn’t let them out now.

Ye Jian had been listening quietly, without interrupting her. She knew that this strong girl needed to vent. Just like her in her previous life, she was forced into depression and needed someone to pull her out.

“Did you see the two bungalows at the entrance of the village when you entered the village last night? They are the homes of Chen Jiafu’s brothers. They guarded the entrance of the village and would immediately notify the whole village if anything happened.”


“They have four wolfhounds, and the entire village is in charge of feeding them because Chen Jiafu said that those four wolfhounds are the patron saint of the village. Ridiculous right? Dogs have become “gods” and often receive blessings from the villagers.”

Fu Hui told Ye Jian all her thoughts one by one, gradually losing the pressure she had before. She was very relaxed in front of Ye Jian as if she had found a close friend. She was able to tell all her secrets without fear of being known by others.

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Ye Jian raised her hand and gently wiped the tears from the corner of Fu Hui’s eyes, “Cult organizations will always hurt the innocent. They will lead the villagers who are good and innocent, to astray, sometimes even to the extremes, and become Chen Jiafu’s tools.”

“From this, we can also see that our country’s legal publicity in remote mountainous areas is not detailed and comprehensive enough. As a country governing the country by law, the work of law popularization is imperative.”

Ye Jian had always not known how to comfort others, but her words had always had a miraculous effect that made people feel calm, so only a few sentences had made Fu Hui’s mood gradually stable.

So Ye Jian changed the topic.

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Since entering the village last night, she did see two bungalows at the entrance, but she did not hear any dog barking. Ye Jian slightly squeezed at the corner of her mouth, asked Fu Hui, “Do you know what time the dogs are usually active?”

It was better to stay away from dogs, let alone four of them.

“They are usually locked up during the day, and they will be released at about 7 o’clock in the evening. Even the villagers were bitten by them before. The people who were bitten will not receive treatment, and Chen Jiafu will say that those people are possessed by evil spirits, that’s why they were bitten.”

When it came to talking about these things, Fu Hui’s mood wouldn’t be good. Chen Jiafu’s words were not credible at all. But the whole village believed him.

After Fu Hui finished speaking, Ye Jian’s eyes were slightly squinted. The dogs were not chained. If that was the case, then Captain Xia and the others would definitely not enter the village directly from the entrance.

“Take me to the place where the other four woven bags are buried. I took a little unfamiliar road last night. I will come back as soon as possible tonight.” Ye Jian also didn’t want Fu Hui to worry about her. She also received a call from Captain Xia at 5:25 in the morning. They were only 41 kilometers away from the mountain village. They must have arrived and been hiding somewhere to rest.

Three days. They only had three days; she could not delay any more time.

Ye Jian accurately stepped on the points and surveyed during the day, and at night, her speed became faster. There were no detours like last night, and she quickly found the four other woven bags as soon as possible.

On the second night after arriving in the mountain village, Ye Jian left Fu Hui’s house in the dark at 11 p.m. When she came back, she was wet again, her main task was completed.

She sent out the specific directions of all the woven bags, held her phone, and waited for the good news from Xia Jinyuan and the others.

At 5 a.m, she received two words on her phone: Got it.

After waiting for an hour, Ye Jian finally closed her eyes and fell asleep peacefully.

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