Chapter 1506: Hateful

To get all the eight woven bags back smoothly, Xia Jinyuan and the others stayed in the woods for a whole day. When the woven bags were transferred to them, the eyes of the outstanding soldiers who were accustomed to life and death turned red.

“All are sealed well to prevent odor from coming out. Put on your combat uniforms and bury them directly. The police brothers’ remains are back!” Xia Jinyuan finished his order and started changing clothes first.

The military ordered that the Elite Platoon’s first priority was to bring back all the sacrificed policemen so that their heroic souls could rest in peace. So they carried the brothers who fought for justice on their backs, without any fear in their hearts!

Several policemen had sacrificed; their limbs had turned into white bones. As a forensic doctor, K7 couldn’t tell which bones belonged to which man. They could only temporarily load them one by one in the woven bags.

“Rest in peace, brothers.”

“Brother, I will take you home.”


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“Twelve more hours to go, brothers.”


The three of them took out the white bones, with the same expressions as Ye Jian. They were extremely solemn. They put them in their marching backpacks with respect. K7’s fingers touched a broken bone, and his thin and handsome face was stretched extremely tightly. It had been hacked with a blunt axe and sawed with a hacksaw. This was a skull that had been hammered by heavy objects.

Xia Jinyuan stood up, his cold eyes burst out with a cold light, and he looked at the mountain village where the smoke had risen. “Tonight, we can finally meet them.”

The sun rose, dispelling the fog in the forest. Xia Jinyuan and the others, who had hidden their traces, climbed back up the trees again, waiting for Guilin police’s arrival.

Ye Jian, who started the day’s activities, finished whatever she needed to do so she didn’t have many scruples, but she still asked Fu Hui to take her around the village. The villagers got Lee Er’s order to keep an eye on Ye Jian, but when they saw that she was with Fu Hui again, they became not as vigilant as the day before.


Fu Hui was very responsible. This silent girl wouldn’t ask a different question; she did everything she had to do silently.

Ye Jian liked her personality very much; she had opinions, principles, and justice in her heart.

They had been walking for a long time. Ye Jian found that two villagers had followed her for a long time. When she deliberately asked to go to the centennial maple field in the village, she saw that the two villagers who had been following her looked tight. One of the villagers quickly turned and left and walked towards the entrance of the village.


There was still a short distance from the big maple tree, but Fu Hui was blocked by a few villagers, who prevented her from taking Ye Jian forward.


“You can’t go any further; you have not yet got permission from your aunt. The Chairman will be angry later.”

“You went there yesterday; why do you want to go again today? Why didn’t your parents look after you?”

“Take her home quickly and don’t go near the Chairman’s house.”

Chen Jiafu is their belief, and they don’t allow anyone to destroy their belief.

Looking at their anxious faces, and thinking of the sacrificed police officers, Ye Jian, who had always been cold-hearted, trembled a little.

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She couldn’t understand that they would brutally kill others for their so-called “belief”, and obeyed the head’s instructions to cruelly dismember them.

On the other side, the villager who had turned and left earlier brought two middle-aged men over. They looked extremely serious. They walked to Fu Hui and spoke softly.

Ye Jian looked faintly at the two middle-aged men who had just arrived. When she looked at their waist area, her heartfelt a shiver.

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