Chapter 1507 False News

At noon, the sun was shining a little dazzling; Ye Jian raised her hand to cover her vision and the deep cold color in her eyes.

One of the middle-aged men was wearing a dirty belt around his waist. This belt did not belong to him at all but belonged to one of the sacrificed police officers, and the murderer who killed them now took it so grandly.

Fu Hui had a silent temper. The villagers asked a few words, she answered a few words, and soon took Ye Jian away.

“It’s Chen Jiafu’s brother. He asked me to take you home. He doesn’t allow you to walk around in the village anymore.” Fu Hui walked over and said nervously, “Let’s go home quickly. I’ll take you out later.”


They had indeed walked a little too long; it was already 11:30 a.m.


Ye Jian raised her eyes and glanced at the two middle-aged men who directly blocked the way. She glanced at the man wearing the belt, “Is the man wearing the belt Chen Jiafu’s brother?”


“Yes, it’s him, don’t look, let’s go.” Fu Hui was very scared; her fingers were even shaking lightly, “Hurry up, it’s dangerous.”

Before they returned to Fu Hui’s house, they saw a few villagers standing outside the house, secretly talking to each other. Seeing her coming over, two of them became extremely alert and immediately stopped chatting and looked at the two girls.

“Don’t worry about them, just follow me.” At this moment, Fu Hui protected Ye Jian. She felt that she had a responsibility to protect and save this young policewoman.

Ye Jian did not tell her her true identity; Fu Hui had always thought she was a policewoman.


The food had begun to fragrant. K7 squatted in the woods, nibbled on compressed biscuits, and drank spring water from the mountain. It was a simple lunch.


“There are a lot of dogs, and there are four wolfhounds at the entrance of the village.” Xia Jinyuan’s voice sounded from the wireless headset, cold-like spring water, “There are thirty-four households in total, and each household has a dog.”


Incredible, he actually managed to ask every household to raise a dog.

Little Fox found four woven bags by herself last night; that’s not easy!

Crane, who was holding some compressed biscuits in his right hand, observed the situation with a telescope in his left hand, then he whispered: “What’s the situation with Ye Jian? When do we plan to put the medicine?”

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He observed for only half an hour and saw six dogs running past the ridge. If they didn’t solve this problem, it would definitely bring some difficulties for them to make a move.

The corners of Xia Jinyuan’s mouth hooked up slightly when he looked down and checked the text messages on his mobile phone, “It has already started. The news will arrive in the evening. Pigeons and the Guilin police have already met. Crane, send him our coordinates.”

Short messages came one after another, and Xia Jinyuan also responded quickly, “Get ready. Let us find the woven bag that is far away. You are responsible for finding the woven bag buried in the vegetable garden.”


“Okay. Start at 8:00 p.m. I’m responsible for averting the line of sight.” Ye Jian, who received his reply, immediately returned a reply. Her delicate face was tense, her brows loomed with hostility, “Chen Jiafu, the first offender. His brothers participated in the murder of the police, with Lee Er being their leader. We must catch these four big fish.”

After sending the text message, Ye Jian immediately typed the next text message: “Firepower unknown. No weapons were found. I suspect that the news about them getting weapons provided abroad is false news. But we must not exclude the three Chen brothers and Lee Er. They might have guns and ammunition to defend themselves.”


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Reading the text message, Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help squinting his eyes, false news?

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