Chapter 1513: Must Die

The problem is big, but it’s a pity that she never has a chance to regret it again.

For example, just now, if she actually thought about it for a while, she could have noticed something was wrong. But just because she couldn’t make a phone call in the clubhouse and became panicked when she heard the dogs barking in the village, she didn’t think through the situation properly.


Ye Jian was obviously so afraid of dogs, but why did she appear behind the maple tree? And even when she (Ye Jian) knew that she had already come out, she still called out “Sister Lee” when she saw her (Lee Er).

If Lee Er thought about all these little problems earlier, she could have escaped!

It was too late, it was too late now!

That girl who used to call her “Sister Lee” wanted her life now; she would be killed by her easily.


But she really did not expect that such a young girl would be a policeman!

And she even dared to enter the village alone!

Was she not afraid that she would end up like the previous policemen?


Lee Er, who was in so much pain that her facial features were distorted, had already shed tears. She hoped to end her life fast; at least it was better than slowly being tortured to her death now!

“Don’t worry, Sister Lee, we’re just getting started. Don’t you think it would be boring if I end your life now? You see, I didn’t even use the methods you used to torture those girls.” Ye Jian said softly, her voice was really light, but it also contained a coldness that could cut through bones, piercing into Lee Er’s heart like a needle.

As Ye Jian spoke, her hands did not stop moving; she continued to twist Li Er’s limbs unhurriedly. It was so painful that Lee Er couldn’t calm down to think.

Next to her, Fu Hui saw Lee Er’s miserable situation and felt uncomfortable.


She was looking for her just now, heh, did she think she would come out to save her? Dream on!

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Listening to Lee Er’s screams, Fu Hui only felt that the pressure in her heart slowly dispersed. Finally, it was over. All the pain would end tonight.

After tonight, the mountain village where she was born and raised would become an empty village?

Fu, Hui slowly leaned against the wall and lowered her head heavily. There were drops of water falling from her eye sockets. She cried, cried for this mountain village, and cried for her home.


But she did not regret it. If the sin was not destroyed, more families would be hurt, and more families would experience the grief of separation.


The loudest “scream” sounded, shocking Fu Hui that she suddenly looked up, and saw that Lee E, who was once invincible, was now disheveled and lay on the ground in a terrible shape, her right leg was weirdly twisted,… Ye Jian really broke her leg.


Fu Hui laughed; it was not a silent laugh, but a happy laugh.

Hahaha, Lee Er, Lee Er, you also have today, you also have today! How did my classmate feel when you broke her leg? Now you get to taste your own medicine!

Lee Er was about to faint; she couldn’t even focus well enough to hear Fu Hui’s laughter. She collapsed like a dead fish and let Ye Jian tie her legs. The pain was so painful that she wanted to end her life there!

Even if she still didn’t want to accept reality, she must accept it anyway!

Even if she didn’t believe that the girl in front of her was a policeman, she must accept it… The city girl whom she abducted was indeed a policeman.

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It was really ridiculous. She had always thought that her trick was successful, but in fact, she was complacent about jumping directly into other people’s traps.

Lee Er didn’t struggle anymore. It was so painful that she didn’t have the strength to struggle anymore. When her hands and feet were all tied up, Lee Er knew that she had lost this time because of her carelessness.

She had lost so thoroughly; if she couldn’t escape tonight, she would lose her life.

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