Chapter 212: The Regretful Major Xia

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Wang Mo started laughing aloud, “Please rest assured, we’ll definitely call you.”

Because there was three of them journeying together, Director Li wasn’t too worried, but he still phoned Provincial High’s Teacher Zhu, who had previously been in charge of bringing the three of them to his school. After telling him the time that they would arrive in the provincial capital, and personally escorting them to the waiting room, Director Li finally left.

“After getting off the flight, I’ll be heading directly for the train station to check if there are any trains heading towards the city tonight.” Once they boarded the plane, Ye Jian told Gao Yiyang about her plans. “I can return alone, and I want to return as soon as possible.”

She had not trained for quite a while, now she urgently wanted to return!

Gao Yiyang glanced at her, his sharp brows creasing slightly before he pursed his lips, “If there are tickets, then we’ll go together.” He hadn’t heard about this from her earlier. If it wasn’t for the fact that he could also get train tickets, she most probably had planned to complete the rest of the journey alone.

“That’s fine.” Ye Jian nodded gently. Although their previous misunderstandings were cleared up, in response to lessening the distance between the two of them… she did not have much interest in that. She would be fine as long as they remained acquaintances.

Although she had lost her previous coldness towards him, she had no interest in being friends with him. After realizing that fact, Gao Yiyang felt slightly bitter inside, so he stopped speaking and closed his eyes to pretend that he was resting.

Wang Mo chatted with Ye Jian for a while, then he started yawning profusely, so he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Only Ye Jian’s mind was clear as day even though she too closed her eyes. Whenever she has the thought that she could immediately invest in her training, she lost all her fatigue.

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As she willed, they arrived at the provincial capital at 5.30 pm. As soon as they landed, Gao Yiyang immediately called and booked tickets for the 7.45pm train. Without meeting Teacher Zhu, they rushed towards the train station hastily.

From Australia to the capital, Beijing, then to the provincial capital, the city, the town then the village… Ye Jian spent a total of two and a half days on the road!

Under the hot afternoon sun, it was so hot that even cicadas were resting their chords. The whole village was filled with silence. Even the dogs were lying down under the trees, panting heavily.

By the time Ye Jian dragged her luggage and walked through the peach forest brimming with peaches, Xia Jinyuan was standing in the hotel room that he had arranged with Ye Jian.

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“No one contacted you? Are you sure?” Xia Jinyuan’s slender brows creased tightly as he stared at Han Zheng with disbelief. His thin lips were pressed tightly against each other. “When you’re out clubbing, you’re absolutely sure no one picked up your phone call?”

Han Zheng was almost on the verge of tears. He slapped his chest and swore on his character, “Absolutely sure! I was watching it twenty-four hours! Your little lass definitely did not contact me, I swear that on my character!”

What did you call this? Could the words of a fellow brother possibly be a lie?

Han Zheng, who had a wronged expression on his face, started acting like he was about to cry and said sadly, “Why do I have to lie to you? Let me explain, that little lass doesn’t even have any interest towards you. Even the impressive Mr. Xia has times when he is given the cold shoulder. It feels so… feels so f*cking awesome!!”

While his childhood friend was brimming with schadenfreude, Xia Jinyuan’s face gradually tensed up. The little lass didn’t come, so the next time they would meet… It would be quite difficult. It could be a few months, but it could also be… a few years.

Xia Jinyuan was originally only enlisted into the troops at the end of the year, but due to of Operation “Rock Smashing”, there were orders sent to his original unit  that he was to immediately head towards his new unit. All of their missions were special missions like theatre of operations, going abroad to chase enemies, assassination in foreign countries, intelligence spying… and so on. The “Elite Platoon” who ran these missions were classified under the Red level.

Since she did not come, Xia Jinyuan could only bring regret with him when he left the capital for the Elite Platoon.

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