Chapter 211: Don’t Touch a Venomous Man

The topic of the two seniors’ usual conversations usually revolved around Ye Jian. Other than that, it would be matters regarding the instructional training for the soldiers in the troops. For the two seniors, these topics were areas where their hopes lay in.

Inside the hotel room, Ye Jian sat on her bed after packing up her luggage, staring at the letter that the front desk staff had just passed to her. Her gaze lightly focused for a bit before she ultimately tore the envelope and the letter inside it apart, and threw it into the toilet bowl to flush it away.

It was written by Xia Jinyuan, and it doesn’t count as a letter because there were only a few sentences written.

He said that she could rest up for two days in the capital, and he could only return after two days…

What could he do if he returned? A dangerous man was poison, which you couldn’t soak anything in and couldn’t touch,… especially when it was a man this dangerous and poisonous. He often liked to send out signals that were ambiguous and improper, which made her not want any more contact with him in life than necessary.

Without a hint of indecision, and not even considering it, Ye Jian maintained her original attitude, insisting to distance herself from Xia Jinyuan in life.

After shaking hands with the Australian students, the Chinese students finally set foot on the path home under the guidance of Director Li and the four other teachers. By the time they returned to the capital, it was already 11 o’clock in the morning.

Ye Jian did not have any plans to stay very long in the capital. Her plan was to board the 2pm flight back to the provincial capital. If time did not allow so, then she would rest in the provincial capital for a night, then board the earliest train back to the city the next morning.

All of that didn’t account for the fact that she still had to take a ride from the city back to her village.

Don’t assume that that is all it takes for her to get back home. The journey from the town to the village… still had to be taken by bus!

If any older person heard this, their scalps would instantly start itching, but for Ye Jian, she couldn’t wait to board the train back to the city immediately once she returned to the provincial capital at night.

She was like an arrow that was heading towards the bulls-eye; she really wanted to go home. Director Li had spent so much time to convince her to stay in the capital for a few days, and offered to show her their school… but all of his efforts were rejected by Ye Jian, which made Director Li, who had talked till his mouth went numb, to worry till his hair turned white.

“You little maiden, how have you not understood me?” Director Li gulped down a large mouthful of water, still wanting to convince Ye Jian to stay. What he saw in the end was a change in her expression, a playful smile emerging from her pupils, and he immediately couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. “Ok, little girl, now you must be playing dumb while fully understanding what I mean.”

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She was a brilliant child, and was also very polite. She could handle her inter-student relationships very well, and her pride wasn’t over the top. She was also not arrogant simply because of her strong abilities; that was why he really didn’t want to give up on such a great seedling.

Ye Jian realized that he still wanted to continue, so she stopped acting dumb, and replied with a smile, “Director Li, allow me to be honest with you. If there was a high school in my town, I would go to high school there.”

“Eh? Why is that so? Everyone wants to sharpen their minds and study in the top schools, why are you an exception? I can tell you that in the whole capital, our school has the strongest teaching staff. Don’t even mention Huaqiao University and Guangxi University; most of the students studying abroad are there with scholarships.”

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In response to Director Li’s speech of good intent, Ye Jian replied with a slight smile, “What seems like honey to you might be viewed as poison by me.” After that, she stopped speaking.

This was something that could never happen, so she could only thank Director Li for his immense care for her.

“You, little lass, really have a mind of your own.” Director Li stopped trying to advise her and sighed heavily. He turned towards Gao Yiyang and Wang Mo and told them, “Take care of the girl on the way back. When you reach the provincial capital, remember to call me and let me know that you’re safe and sound.”

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