Chapter 214: View the World with Your Heart

“The chickens that I have hanging outside can’t run away, they’re a gift for someone!” The bus stopped mid-journey; while the conductor was urging them, a villager didn’t forget to remind herself that the native chickens she was bringing into town could not have any trouble brought down on them.

The conductor was actually the wife of the bus driver. After receiving the money from her, she said, “Who wants your chicken? They’ll be fine hanging out the back! It’ll reek of chicken sh*t if you bring them in. Who would want to smell that in such hot summer weather? Get on, get on, stop dilly-dallying.”

Most of the people were heading to town to visit their relatives. That’s why passengers carrying along chickens or ducks with them were a usual occurrence.

There were quite a number of students on the bus as well. They exchanged words while travelling on the bumpy road towards the town.

The buses that drove between the town and the villages weren’t in good condition. They were all unused and abandoned old buses from the city. There was no cool air in the summer, and no hot air in the winter. Everyone who sat inside all desperately wanted to rip off the windows.

Gao Yiyang had been waiting for quite some time. There were only three buses that travelled from Shui Kou village to the town, one in the morning, one at noon and one late in the afternoon. Since he didn’t spot Ye Jian in the previous two buses, then surely this last one must be it.

Very soon, an old and rusty looking bus could be spotted in the horizon, Gao Yiyang took out his wallet and placed some money on the store counter. He bought two mung bean flavored popsicles and carried them in one hand, while pushing his bicycle with another. After taking a few steps, he stopped in his tracks.

Only allowed on

He spotted Ye Ying and the Mayoress*, who had been in the limelight for the past couple of days. [TLN: The mayoress refers to Sun Dongqing]

The moment Ye Jian, who had been sitting by the window, got out of the car, she had a feeling that today was probably an unlucky day to head out on. She witnessed the mother-daughter pair, dressed in fashionable clothing, Sun Dongqing and Ye Ying — boarding the bus, and began chatting with the lady carrying native chickens.

Her younger sister had just given birth in the town health center, the Mayoress and Sun Dongqing had helped them out quite a bit. Now, she had come here especially to thank the Mayoress.

Ye Jian had no intention of avoiding them. So what if they saw each other? When school started, she and Ye Ying would be in the same classroom, so they would end up bumping into each other sooner or later. What was the point of avoiding them?

Although the afternoon sun was blazing from the west, the heat hadn’t dispersed so it was still hot outside. Ye Jian glanced at Ye Ying, who was clearly impatient, but still faked a smile as she picked up her luggage and alighted from the bus.

Next to them them, Ye Ying was losing all her patience while listening to the conversation. If it wasn’t for the fact that her dad had just been appointed as the Mayor and needed the support of all of the villagers, why would she come out for just a few chickens and ducks? Getting in touch with the people,… there wasn’t any other way; her dad had specifically stated in the phone call that the two of them had to act kindly towards the people.

Ye Ying fanned herself with the paper fan held in her hand while conversing with a fake smile. She raised her gaze and spotted the face that she spent almost every night hating.

Her gaze sharpened and swept up and down the person as if she was her nemesis.

The humiliation in the countryside orchard, every time she remembered that, she wanted to tear apart their face, even in her dreams.

“Ye Jian!” She growled while clenching her teeth. Her chilling tone filled with frost. However, she didn’t walk towards Ye Jian and remained in the same spot, glaring at her. With such a chilling glare, anyone would get goosebumps under her gaze, even with such hot weather.

She was still the same. It was indeed easier to move mountains than to change someone’s nature. Ye Jian curved her lips upwards and responded to Ye Ying’s chill tone with a cold, faint smile; expressing her indifference and disdain as clear as day.

Sun Dongqing had a conditioned reflex towards the words “Ye Jian”, and started shouting, “Where is she!? Where’s the d*mned lass!?” She raised her gaze and spotted Ye Jian carrying her luggage off the bus. Her anger started burning like wildfire and was ignited pretty much instantly. “You d*mned brat, stay where you are!”

“Do you still have any respect for your elders? Hey, where did all your manners go? You don’t even view your elders with respect anymore!”

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