Chapter 215: Someone Rushing to Seek Out Death

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After not seeing Ye Jian for a few months as well as constantly hearing rumors about her daughter being bullied by Ye Jian in school, Sun Dongqing, who previously acted prideful, now wanted to teach Ye Jian a proper lesson.

Her words fell on Ye Jian’s deaf ears. If she wanted to humiliate herself in public, then so be it. Ye Jian did not want to be a part of it.

Of course, if she really wanted to be humiliated, then Ye Jian wouldn’t wasn’t afraid to take her on!

She neither acknowledged nor obeyed her, and didn’t even glance back at her. She’s clearly ignoring me! Sun Dongqing remembered how in the past dozen days, there hadn’t been anyone who hadn’t welcomed her with smiles on their faces!

This d*mned lass was the only person who dared to rebel against her. The anger welling up in her caused her to swing her arms and chase after her.

Her reaction was huge, so huge that Ye Ying’s heart instantly sank. She mumbled,  “This is bad.” Immediately after those lines, she chased after her mom and stopped her, whispering, “Ma, we’re on the streets, there are people walking around everywhere so don’t disgrace Dad. Don’t forget that Dad specifically warned you against it.”

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When her husband was mentioned, Sun Dongqing made an ‘emergency brake’. Her fat body underneath her dress, trembled a bit before barely managing to calm down. She glared at Ye Jian’s back with her chest still rising and falling intensely.

“D*mned lass, count her lucky!”  She only stopped after mumbling a curse under her breath.

Ye Jian could still hear her aunt talking poorly about her to the woman from the neighboring village even after walking quite a distance away. It was nothing much, besides the fact that she hadn’t come home even once through the whole summer break. A little girl like her not coming back home at night, and not no one knowing where she was hanging out at… these were all words that sounded similar.

She walked at a fast pace, so she didn’t notice Gao Yiyang, who had a cold expression on his face as he walked behind Ye Ying. Before this he had only seen one side of the truth. Now, he had witnessed it first hand…, he could seen with Twith his eyes, heard with his ears and experienced it with his heart. Only now did he learn that the truth was this unbearable.

For example, this ‘Mayoress’ clearly knew nothing, but she was still spouting nonsense without a hint of shame, talking badly about Ye Jian!

“No matter how terrible Ye Jian’s relationship is with your family, . At least they don’t discuss your wrongdoings behind your back.” He spoke with a cold tone, but it felt like thunder exploding in Ye Ying’s heart.

Ye Ying was panicking on the inside, as her brain sped up its processing. How much had he heard, and how much did he know?

This couldn’t be, she had to redirect his attention. Previously, back in the orchard, he had treated her with extreme coldness. Now, she had to do whatever it took to save her image in his eyes.

She hid the shock on her face, then slowly turned around, accumulating a surprised expression in her eyes. She naturally revealed a cheerfulness that felt appropriate, then said in a surprised voice, “When did you come back? Today? Why are you back this late?”

In the past, whenever Gao Yiyang came back for the holidays, the first thing he would do was to visit Ye Ying.

“In the past, I indeed was dumb.” Gao Yiyang glanced indifferently at the person.

Acting as if nothing had happened with just a turn of her body. Ye Ying had perfected her acting pretense. His eyes were filled with a sense of mockery that told himself, towards himself and also Ye Ying. “Seeing is believing, Ye Ying, towards you, not only do I have to use my eyes and ears to prove it, I still have to observe you carefully with all my heart.”

That was the girl who had passed him her handkerchief at his most dire state. Perhaps it was simply a moment of kindness. Or maybe she had just been passing by, and wanted to have a better reputation in front of her classmates, which was why she passed him her handkerchief.

Truly fake or fakely true, he couldn’t see through the Ye Ying before him, and neither did he wish to continue looking at her.

The event that had happened in the orchard made him realize what her character really was. Now, she was acting as if nothing had happened. Did he think that it was possible that she would apologize to Ye Jian just because he had given her a scolding?

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