Chapter 216: Who’s Afraid of Punishing You?

Chapter 216: 还怕收拾不了你?

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(Chapter 216: Who’s Afraid of Punishing You?)

The only thing was that she was afraid that even if she really went to apologize, Ye Jian would never accept it.

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Sun Dongqing listened in but was confused. This boy was tall, handsome, and had a great complexion. From the clothes he was wearing, it seemed like he was from a rich family. But why was it that she couldn’t understand a single word he was saying?

He looked at the Mayoress, who seemed to not understand a single word he said, and was staring back at him with a suspicious look, Gao Yiyang pursed his lips and repressed the words that he truly wanted to say. Instead, he warned Ye Ying in a cold voice, “You better behave yourself.”

Gao Yiyang pushed his bicycle and didn’t even spare a glance at Ye Ying; her eyes were now red as a result of his words. The happiness he used to feel whenever he met Ye Ying had disappeared from his indifferent pupils forever. After all, the last shreds of his love had been completely exterminated during the event that had happened in the orchard.

The love between teenagers could not avoid facing multiple obstacles. Perhaps it’s experiences like these that allow relationships to gradually grow and mature.

“Gao Yiyang, how dare you scold me! You bastard!” All of a sudden, Ye Ying felt wronged, and realized that he wouldn’t give her the chance to talk. How could Ye Ying continue acting composed? And so, she started crying out loud, “What do you know? You know nothing, nothing at all! How dare you, how dare you scold me!”

Ye Jian was extremely lively in the classroom. After robbing her of everything she had, why didn’t he stand up for her?

He went to participate in the Olympiad and clearly had the opportunity to help her sabotage Ye Jian, but he deliberately did not do so!

And now— just great—he was helping Ye Jian teach her a lesson, he… who did he really like!

Ye Ying, who was furious, started crying out loud, which made Sun Dongqing anxious.

Gao Yiyang,… wasn’t that the name of the boy Ying Ying always mentioned when she returned home? Even after her husband knew of it, he didn’t say anything, as if he was silently approving their relationship.

From what she’d heard, his family was really rich, and he was a boy with a strong background.

Sun Dongqing, who had no clue about what had just happened, had no idea how to comfort her daughter. She was still contemplating whether or not to drag that boy back when she looked around and caught sight of Gao Yiyang catching up to Ye Jian and passing her the popsicle in his hand.

… Okay! Now, even if she still had no idea what had just happened, she couldn’t waste the previous decades of rice she had eaten!

“Ying Ying, don’t cry, Ma will avenge you! D*mned b*tch, you’ve grown gutsy, haven’t you! You shameless thing, are you waiting for your mom to punish you! You even started stealing men at such a young age!” Sun Dongqing, who had completely misunderstood, started mumbling curses under her breath. At that moment, she completely forgot about the woman who was still holding the chicken in her hands.

At such a crucial moment, who would still be able to remember that?

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Ying was still crying, she would’ve chased after Ye Jian and Gao Yiyang and stirred up trouble.

Ye Ying dared not cry out loud in the middle of the streets, so she turned around and started running in the direction of home. Sun Dongqing wanted to chase after her, but the woman who was holding the chickens started saying, “Ai, ai, ai” in a very urgent tone. She stood there awkwardly, she couldn’t leave, but neither could she stay…. and listened in to everything just like that.

“Oh, you still haven’t left. I have to go home now, the kids are fighting, the adults are worried.” Sun Dongqing, who had a grim expression on her face, forced out a smile and replied the woman with a few sentences before taking the chickens and rushing home.

Once Ye Ying returned home, she immediately locked herself in her room, not coming out even for dinner. She even skipped breakfast the next morning, and went to school with swollen red eyes.

Sun Dongqing stayed up the whole night and was afraid that Ye Ying would be late to school. So when she heard movement, she jumped out of bed immediately, coincidentally, at the same time Ye Ying slammed the front door shut to head to school.

“D*mned b*tch! She made Ying Ying so angry that she even skipped breakfast. If she doesn’t get punished anytime soon, she’ll probably believe that she’s in heaven!” She kept mumbling to herself. After taking care of her appearance, only then did she hurry out through the door.

The telephone rang. She had just finished changing and ready to hurry to the school. Upon hearing the phone call, she decided to ignore it and head directly towards the school.

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