Chapter 217: Doing Great Things in Silence

At 6am in the morning, Ye Jian was the first one to reach the school while jogging.

However, Principal Chen had arrived earlier than her, and was holding a letter in his hand. He casually stood at the school gate, waiting for Ye Jian to head over there.

Before long, a figure wearing the school’s summer uniform could be seen running towards him. The figure was bathed in the morning light. It looked like a young eagle that was soaring high in the sky. Although its wings were still tender, they were firm enough for it to soar freely under the blue skies.

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He took out the letter and checked it out. Just as she was about to reach him, he hid it behind his back, his benevolent gaze filled with encouragement as he awaited the young eagle’s arrival.

Ye Jian, who was covered in sweat from her jog, had already noticed the senior standing in front of the school gate. She hastened her pace, “Sir, you’ve arrived at school so early today, are you going to welcome the new students?”

“Handling the new students has always been Director Ke’s job. I, in fact, was waiting here especially for you.” Principal Chen inspected the little lass, whom he hadn’t seen for a few days. He said with a bright smile on his face, “The army is still the best at raising people. See, you’ve grown taller.”

And with that said, he passed the letter to her, “Sender: Xia Jinyuan, receiver: Ye Jian, little lass, don’t tell me that you’ve become pen pals with Major Xia?”

His handwriting was stylish and his words looked powerful, yet he knew to round the edges. His handwriting was like his personality. This Major Xia… seems to be treating little lass Ye a little different.

Ye Jian was slightly surprised, he even wrote a letter to her?

She took the letter and gazed at it. It definitely was Xia Jinyuan’s handwriting. She couldn’t comprehend why he would want to write her a letter to her.

Just as she was about to open the letter, Principal Chen stopped her. “Open it later, I have to talk to you about something, let’s go to my office.”

The school compound was still quiet at 6 in the morning. Students would sign up in the morning and a talk for the new students would be held in the afternoon. The next day, their classes would start immediately. The reporting times were packed closely together, which suited Principal Chen’s way of doing things.

After entering his office, he smiled, “Today, Secretary Wu from the Education Bureau is arriving. He came here before, but he did not manage to see either of us and went back to the city empty-handed.”

“You should prepare yourself for a nice chat with Secretary Wu later.”

The little lass had a down-to-earth personality. No matter what she did, she would keep a low profile. For example, this time, she had received such a prestigious award, but when she came back she acted as if nothing had happened and allowed things to continue the way they were.

She was unlike Ye Ying. Just because Ye Ying ranked in the top 10 in her finals, she ended up boasting till the whole village knew of it.

If that kid wasn’t educated properly, she would be ruined by her own mom’s hands.

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Ye Jian nodded her head and smiled, “Okay, is there anything I have to pay attention to? It’s better if I have some mental preparation.” She had never experienced something like this before in her past life. Even if she had restarted her life, she still had to relearn some things.

Besides, if there was no need to meet up, Principal Chen surely would have declined it for her. That he was personally telling her this, it meant that she had to treat this cautiously.

“There’s no need, no need. It’s mostly because you received an award, and …” He paused. The smile in Principal Chen’s eyes became more evident. “And also because of the fact that the businessmen had established an ‘Excellent Scholars’ Scholarship Fund’, and the prime benefactor, Mr. Gao, specifically mentioned your name in front of the Mayor. He said that you were the one who suggested the idea.”

Mentioning that, even Principal Chen started feeling quite proud.

She was able to consider and think about what others could not, she had a wide view of the world, understood others perspectives, knew when to decline, and also knew when to draw the line, … How could a lass like her not fill him and Uncle Gen with pride?

However, this little lass really could keep a secret. She hadn’t spoken a word about it ever since she came back. No one even knew that she had done such a great thing.

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