Chapter 218: The Friendship Between Classmates

Ye Jian hadn’t expected Uncle Gao to act so quickly, she joked, “Then I’ll have to work harder and aim for a year’s scholarship. Maybe I won’t have to worry about tuition fees once I become a university student.”

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“Hahaha, little lass, that’ll depend on what university you’re going to. If it was the military school, not only do you not have to pay a single cent, but they’ll even give you an allowance.” Principal Chen started bellowing with laughter. The little lass could be quite childish sometimes, but it was still very interesting to watch. “Rest assured, as long as you can get into the military academy, you can use the monthly allowance for your living expenses.”

After laughing, he started feeling slightly bitter, a parentless child… still had to worry about tuition fees.

Thank goodness the Year 3 tuition fees was free for her as she was the child of a late heroine. If not, Sun Dongqing, the Mayoress would most likely have made her drop out of school and get a job.

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It was already 7 in the morning. The number of students gathering in the school compound were increasing. The new Year 1 students looked child-like. Most of them entered the school compound while messing around and laughing like there was no tomorrow. Ye Jian entered the school after exiting the principal’s office, and casually strolled to her classroom after the doors had been unlocked.

After not seeing each other in the whole summer, her classmates seemed to have grown taller. An Jiaxin pounced on Ye Jian from behind like a tiger pouncing on its prey, and laughed, “What food did you eat? You’ve grown so tall so quickly!”

The word ‘short’ was getting further and further away from Ye Jian. She, who had begun growing a week ago, had also started the normal process of development for girls her age, so her height had indeed shot up quite quickly throughout the whole summer.

“You want some? Then skip breakfast tomorrow and wait for my meal, I guarantee that you’ll grow taller.” Ye Jian turned around while giggling at her best friend. After one glance at her, her laugh grew louder, “Did you undergo child labor? You’re so tanned! Your face really contrasts with the whiteness of your teeth.”

An Jiaxin, who followed her father to work for the whole summer, waved her hand and proudly exclaimed, “My dad said that like the saying goes, instead of reading a thousand books, why not travel a thousand miles? I followed his surveying team through wind and sun for the whole summer. How could I not get tanned?”

An Jiaxin’s father was a geologist.

Before long, Zhang Na, Zhang Bin and the few other students who had a good relationship with Ye Jian entered the classroom. They then added the mathematics lover, Zhou Liao, into their group. They sat together in a circle and discussed the questions Ye Jian had faced in the Olympiad.

“Lagrange’s mean value theorem and Cauchy’s mean value theorem… these are stuff that’s taught in advanced mathematics, and it’s included in the written test.”

“Not only that, they even have a higher derivative formula. Even Leibniz was included. It can be said the Olympiad was not just restricted to the middle school level. The difficulty and coverage of the tests were quite high.”

A hint of solemnity appeared on Ye Jian’s face, she realized why Director Li had claimed that their country’s Olympiad coverage still had a long way to go as compared to the international coverage.

The foreign students might not know how to solve it, but all of them had faced them once or twice. Our students on the other hand… Looking at the surprised faces of her friends, Ye Jian exclaimed, “That’s why I said that there is still a large distance between us and them.”

“… Oh my goodness, isn’t this too hard! I’ve never even heard of it! Tsk tsk tsk, no wonder I wasn’t chosen in the exams! It’s a relief I was dropped, or else I would have just embarrassed our country in front of the foreigners.” An Jiaxin was filled with gratitude. Although her mathematics results were really not that bad, it was only restricted to… the junior high school level!

When it came to senior high school advanced mathematics… Ha, haha, it was embarrassing but she did not understand any of it.

Zhou Liao pushed up his glasses and sighed heavily, “I feel the same as you. It’s a good thing that we weren’t picked. It’s a minor thing if we embarrass our school, but if we embarrass our country while overseas, then I’ll become a sinner.”

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