Chapter 219: Who’s Humiliating Who Now?

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“Go away, you want to be a sinner for the country, you don’t have the qualifications for all the people of the nation to remember your crimes.” Zhang Na rolled her eyes, then dejectedly laid her chin on the table, she said with a melancholic expression, “Mathematics has never been my strong suit, what will I do when I enter the senior years? Ye Jian, you could probably easily get into Experimental High School; I’m afraid that I won’t even pass any of the the entrance exams of the high schools in the city.”

There was only a year left to their exams. Although everyone looked like they were still in a great mood, the students with good grades were actually filled with stress.

Ye Jian flicked her forehead gently with her finger and laughed, “You’re worrying about the sky falling down. There’s still one more year left till the exams, work harder and focus on getting into a senior high school, then work harder in those three years and get into university!”

“That’s easy for you to say. High school is still okay, but university… that’s a challenge.” While An Jiaxin was sighed loudly, Teacher Ke and Ye Ying entered the classroom together. Someone said, “Teacher Ke is here,” and the students in the noisy classroom immediately sat in the closest seat. The classroom became quiet in an instant.

Although Ye Ying’s eyes looked swollen, she still looked fine. Her gaze swept coldly over Ye Jian’s seat, but what she spotted was just another boy from the same class.

She gritted her teeth and stopped looking, before walking to the seat nearest to the lectern and sat down with her back straight.

There weren’t any official classes today, so Teacher Ke said the same stuff as when the school begun last year about the rules and regulations.

When it was time for her to announce which student did the worst in the finals last semester, she habitually screamed out like a banshee, “Ye Jian, stand up!”

She had called out Ye Jian’s name before she could even react.

Ye Jian was thinking quickly. She had a smirk in her eyes and blandly stood up. This mistake… usually, she wouldn’t think too much about it.

“You did well this time, sit down.” Teacher Ke did not expect herself to have a slip of the tongue and call out Ye Jian’s name. Her stiff face looked quite unwilling, but there was no helping it, so she ambiguously praised Ye Jian.

An Jiaxin started snickering. For someone like Teacher Ke to be a teacher, it really was… hopeless.

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Although Teacher Ke knew that Ye Jian was given an award in the Olympiad competition, she didn’t want to mention it. It was as if by not talking about it, she could bury the truth.

It was fine because Ye Jian didn’t really care too much about fame. She let Teacher Ke loudly commend and award Ye Ying, and encourage everyone in the class to learn from her, correct their attitudes and stop constantly stirring up trouble for the teachers.

Sun Dongqing, who had on purpose chosen a time when the whole school was having lessons, wanted to directly barge into the classroom, but she stopped and waited outside when she heard Teacher Ke praising her own daughter.

Principal Chen accompanied Secretary Wu as they headed over. He immediately recognized the person standing outside the classroom as the newly appointed Mayor’s wife, the Mayoress. His gaze silently fixated on her, a flash of chillness gleaming sharply across his pupils.

“This is Class One, the one in front is Class Two. Our school doesn’t distinguish between experimental classes and normal classes…” He explained while guiding Secretary Wu into Class One.

Don’t take Fu Jun Middle School to be a normal town high school. Although the faculty strength was slightly inferior to that of the city, there still was a unit stationed here, the children of these soldiers would also be studying in this school. Thus, the teachers here all had tricks up their sleeves.

Hearing that, Secretary Wu laughed, “Your only downfall is that you’re too humble! There are so many top students in our city that graduated from your school. Four students taking the entrance examinations this year passed the Huaqiao University entrance exam, and one of them graduated from Fu Jun Middle School.

This time, there were two students who had the potential to enter Huaqiao University and Guangxi University.

One of them was Ye Jian, and the other was Gao Yiyang from Year 3.

(T/N: Academies, colleges, and universities basically mean the same thing: tertiary education, where people specialize in specific fields.)

(T/N 2: In case people are wondering what’s to the difference between experimental classes and normal classes, you can think of experimental classes as the “elite classroom” where everyone in that class are smart, intelligent and able.)

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