Chapter 220: A Torturing Way of Humiliation

Not only were Secretary Wu and his company thinking that, but Ye Zifan, who had returned with them, also had the same thoughts!

The days he had spent learning in the city, he had experienced a lot of frights.

The municipal director had privately told him that originally, the title of the Mayor wasn’t going to be his, but something had unknowingly happened, and before the announcement was made, the municipal party committee suddenly appointed him as Fu Jun Town’s Mayor.

To say that someone was vouching for him as Mayor….

After the meeting, the Municipal Party’s Secretary had especially kept him from leaving in order to give him a few words of encouragement. He patted him on the shoulder before leaving, saying with a meaningful tone, “Little Ye, you’re still very young, yet you’ve managed to become the head of a town at the age of thirty-five. Work responsibly; your future is bright.”

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It sounded very mysterious, but it made his heart skip a beat, it made him remember the phone call that he had received in the middle of the night a few years ago!

For the past few days, he had been completely preoccupied with the identity of the person who was helping him pull some strings, and totally forgot about the fact that Ye Jian had received an award after going abroad.

Who would’ve known that the sudden news he had received yesterday morning would shock him so badly that his mind was still stiff.

Ye Jian… She… actually managed to convince the famous Chinese businessman, Mr Gao Qiliang, to establish a charity project called the “Excellent Scholars’ Scholarship Fund”!

Besides receiving an award, she had also helped solve a big problem for the district… Ye Zifan, who had felt the urgency of the situation, accompanied Secretary Wu back to town. He didn’t see Sun Dongqing at home. After asking around downstairs, someone told him that she had headed out to the school. His heart had a bad feeling, so he got on his motorcycle and sped the whole way towards the school.

Sadly, he was still a little too late.

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In front of Principal Chen and Secretary Wu, Sun Dongqing distressedly complained about Ye Jian’s various wrongdoings. “… I’m worried, I was worried until my hair started to turn white. She didn’t return home even once throughout the whole summer. No matter who I asked, they had no idea where she had gone. Yesterday, she clearly saw me on the streets, and didn’t even bother to greet me. Teacher Ke, Principal Chen, I really can’t manage her anymore.”

Inside the classroom, Ye Ying, whose face was now drained of blood, stared at her mother jabbering nonsense about Ye Jian in front of the whole class. Anxious and annoyed, Ye Ying said, “Ma, stop talking, please stop talking!”

She wanted to drag her mom out, but was scared stiff by Principal Chen’s sharp gaze.

Ye Ying, who couldn’t even take a step, was anxious to the point of tears. She sat  in her seat, staring at her mother making a fool of herself and also… making a fool out of her daughter as well.

Sun Dongqing wasn’t dumb, but she had a very deadly habit, it was a manic disease: no matter what she faced, she would never double check the facts, and only wanted to feel good on the inside!

She was more cautious in the past, but ever since Ye Zifan’s steady promotion in the government, she had steadily become more and more presumptuous.

Was there anyone in the town who held a greater title than her husband? There was no one!

Since there was none, then the people of the whole town had to act according to the Mayor’s will, and naturally, they had to also act according to the will of the Mayoress!

If she said that Ye Jian was nogood, then everyone else must follow in her footsteps and talk badly about Ye Jian as well!

“She’s too troublesome, even if I taught ten kids, I wouldn’t be this tired. My Ying Ying was never this troublesome ever since she was a child. It’s because of her, all of my white hairs caused by me worrying about her. Her parents died young, so it was all up to me, but I can’t even manage her anymore, I really can’t.”

“Skipping classes, skipping school, even having a relationship. Yesterday, I saw her acting all intimate with a boy called Gao Yiyang on the streets… This time, I really didn’t misunderstand. Yesterday, I personally saw them walking side by side, even sharing a popsicle together! Teacher Ke, you’re a teacher, you must investigate this, you must!”

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