Chapter 221: Such a Wonderful Slap to the Face (1)

From the moment she barged into the classroom, Sun Dongqing’s actions—paired with her high and mighty attitude—had already gained the dislike of the students who were in their rebellious phase.

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Then, as listened to her complain about Ye Jian, all the while not forgetting to praise Ye Ying as if she was a goddess descended from the heavens; they despised her more and more.

Now, she was even spouting nonsense and coupling Ye Jian and Gao Yiyang together; it was like the stick that beat the hornet’s nest. Suddenly, the classroom was enveloped by the students clamor.

The first one to speak out was Zhang Bin. He immediately started yelling, “Aunty, you’re making a huge mistake here. It’s Ye Ying who has been intimate with Gao Yiyang. It has nothing to do with Ye Jian; you must be quite proficient at bullsh*tting if you think that way.”

“Aunty, that’s a very interesting example for your lesson about inverting facts!”

“Ye Ying, your mom is so awesome, she’s so good at complimenting you while at the same time scaring our principal and teacher to the point that they dare not interrupt her.”

The ridicule and the disdain filled gazes littered the air, Ye Ying, who was so embarrassed that she wanted to disappear, started bawling her eyes out.  She sprawled herself out on her desk, too afraid to even raise her head.

Sun Dongqing’s worst nightmare was her precious daughter crying. She felt that the whole class was bullying Ye Ying. She smacked the table, pointed at the boy who first started talking, and shouted with rage, “What’s your name! Who are your parents! Did they not educate you properly! When adults are speaking, what do you children think you are doing by interrupting!”

Then, she called out to Ye Ying who was still sprawled out on her desk, “Ying Ying, what are you afraid of! Tell Ma which classmate of yours is bullying you, tell me all of their names!”

Her actions caused Secretary Wu, who remained silent, to repeatedly and secretly shake his head.

Mayor Ye was an able person, it was a pity… that he had such an immature wife. A pity, it really was a pity.

Zhang Bin, who had been called out, stood up, completely unafraid of angering her even further. He said cheerfully, “Auntie, I’m Zhang Bin, my dad has gone to the city, and my mom has gone for a meeting, if you want to meet them, then you’ll have to wait until the day after tomorrow.”

Principal Chen recognized him. The boy’s father was a policeman, so his sense of justice was quite strong.

Principal Chen, who had been silent the entire time—too stunned to even utter a single word—finally spoke up. “This parent, from what you’ve said, I would really like to know if Ye Jian is really as you’ve described her as. How about this, please stay put in the classroom and allow me to arrange a few things.”

He turned around and spoke to Teacher Ke, “Teacher Ke, you’re the form teacher of the class. The lectern is where teachers and only teachers are supposed to stand. You should invite this parent to sit down off the lectern.

Teacher Ke was on the verge of passing out. She completely regretting not stopping Sun Dongqing from barging into the classroom and counting on her to put down Ye Jian. Now, everything was just great, it ended with her having to clean up this whole mess!

Hearing that, she immediately came back to her senses and immediately said to the still fuming Sun Dongqing, “Mayoress, please sit down, isn’t Ye Ying crying? You should sit by her side and comfort her. Principal Chen has to arrange some things.”

Teacher Ke, who felt that the situation was getting out of hand, was afraid that she wouldn’t cooperate, so she secretly gave her a tug.

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“Is he taking care of this or not! It’s impossible for what I said to be wrong! A small principal like him dares to put on an act in front of me! I really want to see what he can arrange! If it’s not to my liking, I’ll go to the city and look for a leader to dismiss him!” In the past ten days, she had heard simply too many praises. Sun Dongqing wasn’t even treating herself like a Mayoress. Instead, she thought that she had become a State Matron!

The thing was, even the State Matron wouldn’t be as arrogant as she was acting right now.

She kept on nagging while putting on the airs of an official’s wife. Principal Chen,  who purposefully ignored everything she said, had a smile in his gaze. He said to Zhang Bin, who was still standing, “Go find some P.E. teachers and get them to move the television and the VCR into this classroom.”

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