Chapter 222: Such a Wonderful Slap to the Face (2)

Zhang Bin was the class P.E. representative, so he was quite familiar with a few of the P.E. teachers in the school.

Hearing that, he said “Aye” in a voice, hoarse from puberty, and jogged out the classroom.

“Would you rather I wait in your office while you take care of this?” Secretary Wu understood the situation, so he whispered, “The temper on this Mayoress is quite bad; I’m afraid you’ll have to put in some effort.”

Principal Chen gave him a bright smile and gently said, “There’s no need Secretary Wu, let’s just listen in on this publicity class.”

Previously, she had just finished stirring up trouble. Now, she was doing it again. The Mayoress’s temper wasn’t just bad, she desperately needed someone to put her in her place!

Did she think that the whole school would be afraid of her if she came here to disturb the peace? Ha! Unfortunately, he, Chen Dongfeng was not afraid of her!

This matter involved another student, Gao Yiyang, so he instructed the student sitting next to him, “Go get student Gao Yiyang from Year 3 Class 1. If the class teacher asks why, just tell them I’m looking for him. Oh, right, also get him to bring the recorder tape placed on the desk in my office.”

After arranging everything, he gave Ye Jian a ‘be patient’ look. Then, Principal Chen invited Secretary Wu to sit with him at the back of the classroom.  Its was as if they were really going to be attending a public class.

“Principal Chen made Fu Dong leave  My guess is that he’s going to get Gao Yiyang.” An Jiaxin, who was livid, informed Ye Jian while gritting her teeth, “Just wait, based on how highly Principal Chen values you, she will definitely not have a good time here.”

Zhou Liao, who was usually unconcerned about the events happening in class, had a serious expression on his face. He whispered from behind Ye Jian, “Like mother, like daughter. Ye Jian, it’s a miracle that you were able to have survive till now.”

“Ha! Let’s wait, there’s going to be a fantastic show!” Zhang Na started sneering and looked at Ye Ying, who looked like she was sitting on a pincushion. The laughter in her heart became more joyful as she too despised Ye Ying!

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Ye Jian knew that Principal Chen wouldn’t give up easily this time. The corners of her lips slightly curved upward.

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No one expected Sun Dongqing to be as presumptuous as she was now. Ignorant and arrogant, how did Ye Zifan, with all his schemes and plots, endure her until now?

After listening in to the conversation between the few people who were discussing behind her, all of them defending her against such injustice, she responded in disagreement, “Compared to what has happened in the past, this ain’t much. You guys could even learn something from her.”

“…I’ll vomit, learn from her? Am I unhappy with my current life?”

“Please don’t disgust us, I’d rather follow Liao Jian’s dad’s footsteps than hers.”

Her pretty face had a slight smile. No matter how badly they swore, Ye Jian maintained her calm composure and replied with a smile, “Learn how to not be someone so annoying and despicable. Learn from her, how not to be someone who is unhappy with their current lifespan and wants to cut it short,… That’s the lesson that she’s teaching all of us.”

An Jiaxin turned her head around, she quickly glanced Ye Jian and exclaimed, “Miss Ye, your mental tolerance is inhumanly strong, I’m extremely impressed! Even Buddha would get so angry that he would jump to his feet upon hearing stuff like this. On the contrary, you’re still able to keep yourself together so well.”

“And you’re still calm enough to remind us how not to be a despicable person. Miss Ye, if I become a doctor in the future, my first research subject will definitely be you! How is your brain constructed so differently compared to us?”

The more she appeared like she did not care, the more unsettled Sun Dongqing, who was behind the podium, became. If this went on, the person who would eventually end up with a disadvantageous was… Sun Dongqing.

Ye Jian, who knew so in her heart, smiled and stopped speaking. When she saw Gao Yiyang enter the classroom with a box of videotapes, the smile on her delicate lips became even more evident.

Tsk tsk tsk, no matter how smart Ye Ying was, having a mother who was so arrogant and supercilious was still a tragedy.

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