Chapter 223: Such a Wonderful Slap to the Face (3)

Ye Ying had cried herself stiff. She finally understood at that moment why her dad had kept reminding her to keep her mom on a leash.

Mom’s not here to argue in my favour, she’s clearly here to become an embarrassment!

Listening to the student’s laughter and mockery, Principal Chen glanced at Ye Ying who hadn’t risen to defend herself. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t feeling sorry for her. She was such a smart kid, but was brought up with a selfish and narrow mindset.

However, with such a person as her mother… it all made sense.

Principal Chen, who had planned to cut down Sun Dongqing’s rampage, signalled the students to be quiet, he then bellowed at Gao Yiyang, “Just a while ago, Ye Ying’s mom stated that yesterday on the streets, she saw you and Ye Jian being intimate with each other, did such a thing happen? How about you tell us what your relationship with Ye Jian is like first?”

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Gao Yiyang, who was unprepared, creased his brows. His cold gaze glanced at Sun Dongqing, who had her chin lifted up and was acting insufferably arrogant, he pursed his lips, answering in a low voice, “I have no idea how she ended up with that type of conclusion about the Ye Jian and my relationship.”

“Yesterday, when Ye Jian returned, I indeed bought a popsicle while waiting for her. As to why I did that, it was because I had brought back a set of Olympiad questions from Australia. I had no idea how to solve one of them, so I decided to discuss it with Ye Jian.”

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He specifically made his dad find him a set of the hardest Olympiad questions. His aim was to get more topics that he could discuss with Ye Jian to help him expel any previous misunderstandings, so that she wouldn’t have any prejudice against him.

In the end, before he could even implement his plan, rumors were being spread about him acting intimately with Ye Jian!

Sun Dongqing couldn’t even be bothered to comfort her daughter anymore, this little lad was still so stubborn!

So, she started her aggressive interrogation, “You’re too dishonest, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, why are you still hiding the truth! What Olympiad questions from Australia, that d*mned lass can’t even get into the top 10 of her year, how could she solve problems from Australia? Psh! You’re clearly making excuses.”

This spearhead was pointed at Ye Jian, who couldn’t be bothered. Sun Dongqing started shouting, “Ye Jian, stand up and explain yourself, don’t force me to clean up your mess for you! D*mned lass, fooling around every day, never coming home even once in the whole summer, is it because you went to have fun with this boy?”

Stirring up trouble from nothing was one of her skills.

Ye Jian looked at Sun Dongqing, who was unknowingly causing a public outrage. Her eyes were filled with a happy smile, afterall… no matter what she said now, the outcome wouldn’t change any more.

She sat there, composed, and calmly spoke, “Aunt, you always liked meddling into others’ businesses; if I said no, you wouldn’t believe me. Your favorite thing to do is to splash me over and over with dirty water.”

“What can I explain? The only thing I can explain is: I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

How did she not notice Sun Dongqing’s stupidity in her past life? After escalating this event to this point, was she really naive to believe that the one who would be embarrassed was her, Ye Jian?

“What do you mean you have no idea! Just confess that you fell in love with this boy here, that you didn’t come home the whole summer, and that you were fooling around outside!” In Sun Dongqing’s eyes, there was no way that Ye Jian would be able to escape from her five fingers. Furthermore, she was now the Mayoress of this town. Who would dare to offend her for a d*mned orphaned lass!?

Most of the people in town would definitely not defend Ye jian, but in school, Principal Chen was someone who wasn’t afraid of Sun Dongqing. Another one would be Gao Yiyang.

Before Ye Jian could open her mouth, Gao Yiyang gaze became frigid, it was evidently filled with loathing, he coldly took over the conversation. “Aunty, yesterday, I heard you complain behind our backs that Ye Jian did not come home for the whole summer, complain that she did not return each and every night, then stated that she, a little girl, was skipping school, not being diligent, told lies and was untruthful. Now let me ask you this, how truthful are you then?”

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