Chapter 224: Such a Wonderful Slap to the Face (4)

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Spreading hurtful rumors about Ye Jian everywhere, didn’t she realize that rumors couldn’t stand up to the truth?

To target Ye Jian at every turn, no wonder his past self was so disliked by Ye Jian. Back then he too was the same as Ye Ying’s mom!

Guilt nibbled at his heat like giant ants. Gao Yiyang suppressed his rage and stated, “Furthermore, Ye Jian doesn’t even live under your roof, how do you know that she hasn’t gone home every night? Lies, dishonesty? Aunty, are you sure that the person you’re talking about is Ye Jian, not Ye Ying?

“Ye Ying, stand up and speak for yourself, tell us who’s the one being dishonest! When we went to the capital, how exactly did you frame Ye Jian? And tell us about how you planted false evidence against Ye Jian in the orchard! Do you have the guts to speak about it in front of the whole class!?”

At that moment, the a few of the P.E. teachers entered the classroom while lifting the television and the VCR. They all heard his last sentence, every one of them stood stunned at the doorway. What was going on? Their gaze shifted to the back of the classroom, begging Principal Chen for advice.

Principal Chen waved his arm, signalling them to move along and ignore what was happening, he also signalling for Gao Yiyang to continue his confrontation.

Ye Ying, who was still sprawled on the desk, was desperate enough to faint. When she heard Gao Yiyang’s repeated queries, her heart pained.

Dread slammed against her brain in tidal waves. How was she going to stop this? Ye Ying, who was in a panic, couldn’t think anymore.

No! I have to think of something, I have to get out of this!

Sun Dongqing, who was accustomed to picking on the weak, was stunned by Gao Yiyang’s imposing manner. Her eyelids even started twitching as she heard his accusations. She subtly tugged on a corner of Ye Ying’s shirt and whispered, “Why aren’t you speaking up? Don’t you still want to continue going to class!?”

“Ma, if I can’t spend the rest of my days in class, it’s all because of YOU!” There wasn’t any time for Ye Ying to start crying, so while she spoke—gritting her teeth—her brain started thinking rapidly. She trying to figure out a way to leave this swamp before she sinks deeper into it.

Sun Dongqing almost fainted from anger from her words, “Ying Ying, can’t you see that Ma is here to help you obtain justice?” She felt resentful of her daughter’s reaction, so she spoke with a stern and low voice, “Why are you so passive! Why do you let people get on your back! I came here especially to boost your courage, what are you still scared of!?”

“Who made you come!” Ye Ying lost her composure, lifting her head and glaring intensely at her mother from the corner of her eye. “The only thing that you’ve achieved by coming here is causing more chaos, don’t you know?”

The usual cheerful and kind person was gone. What was left was a cold face; her expression was filled with ferocity.

The students seated around her, especially the one to her right, were so frightened by the look on her face that their hearts skipped a beat. All of them turned their heads and stared straight ahead at the podium, afraid to even look at her.

Ye Ying… was so terrifying.

An Jiaxin relished the conversation between the mother and daughter, she suddenly saw Ye Ying finally raise her head. She seemed to have remembered something, so she stood up and spoke crisply, “Ye Ying, don’t you have heart disease? You must definitely hold on, if you get a heart attack now, then this’ll become a major accident.”

“But, looking at you, it doesn’t seem like you’ll fall sick anytime soon. Why not explain what happened in the orchard like Gao Yiyang said? Don’t tell us that you tried to frame Ye Jian again. Ha! Even if you really did it, I wouldn’t be surprised, afterall, that’s the true Ye Ying, am I right?”

The kids were having a war with words, but that wasn’t what caught Secretary Wu’s attention. He was concerned about another thing altogether.

Heart… disease? Mayor Ye’s daughter had heart disease?

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Secretary Wu, who heard this, lightly fixated his gaze. Having a heart disease wasn’t something worth celebrating. The risk that the school beared also became exponentially larger. He leaned towards Principal Chen and questioned, “Is this a confirmed diagnosis?”

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