Chapter 225: Such a Wonderful Slap to the Face (5)

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“According to Mayor Ye, it is true. But as you know, the school can’t really request proof from the parents.” Principal Chen replied in a casual tone, his tone made it clear that he didn’t really believe that Ye Ying had a heart disease.

Was it possible to fake such things? What good would that bring?

Secretary Wu—who felt shocked on the inside—stared thoughtfully at the Mayoress. She only knew how to protect her child, but kept stepping on the other children in the class. His gentle gaze only left her after a flicker.

It seemed like he had to warn the Provincial Capital High School, it didn’t matter if the Mayor’s daughter really had a heart disease or not… it was better for her that she studies in another school. It was best for everybody that she doesn’t study in the local city.

There was no school that would willingly accept such a troublesome parent. On the other hand, if she really did have a heart disease, and something happened… it would cause an uproar in the school and classes wouldn’t be able go on normally.

All the time, Sun Dongqing hadn’t realized that her actions of stirring up trouble had almost buried Ye Ying’s whole future.

Ye Ying, who was about to fake a heart attack, realized that her backup plan had been revealed. Her shoulder started twitching more intensely, “Ask Ye Jian yourself! Why are you forcing no to do it!” Then, she lowered her head as much as possible to stop any more attempts make her to talk.

She was afraid of facing Gao Yiyang’s questions and arguing with An Jiaxin that a ring of blood appeared on her lower lips after she bit down on them.

Ye Jian gently raised her eye and glanced at her; she told An Jiaxin, “Missy, you’re acting more agitated than I am, just sit down. Whatever happened in the past, has all been settled, the point now isn’t that.”

After causing such a huge fuss, was there really any need to bring up any trivial stuff from the past?

No, there wasn’t. Based on how big this mess already was, not only would Ye Ying end up embarrassed, it would also humiliate Sun Dongqing, plus Ye Zifan would also be disgraced through their actions.

So, was there really a need for her to add insult to injury?

Gao Yiyang too was not a person that would press the issue. After he stopped questioning Ye Ying, he turned his gaze onto Sun Dongqing, “Aunty, why don’t you go back and ask Ye Ying about what actually happened when we went to the capital to study?”

They went to the capital to study? If they went to the capital for that, then what could Ying Ying still do? Wasn’t it just studying?

The question was, Ye Jian, that d*mned lass also went? Why hadn’t Ying Ying mention it before to her?

She only knew that her daughter had been chosen to participate in the exams while studying in the capital because of her excellent grades. Sun Dongqing didn’t have a clue about anything else, and she didn’t even know… that Ye Jian had also gone!

That was because Ye Ying had never told her own parents that Ye Jian was far more outstanding than her, and had also been chosen to compete overseas.

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There was no way that Sun Dongqing wouldn’t be able to understand her daughter thoughts. After being questioned by Gao Yiyang, a thought suddenly came to her mind, she immediately realized that her daughter had intentionally concealed the fact that Ye Jian had also gone to study in the capital.

From the looks of it…her claims that the d*mned lass hadn’t returned home the entire summer and had been fooling around outside couldn’t work anymore.

Okay, if that doesn’t work, then I’ll just say something else! Also, this boy from the Gao family is such a shallow person towards love!

Clearly he and Ying Ying were together, but in the blink of an eye, he was seduced by the d*mned lass!

Little bastards. I’ll take care of you both by giving you hell! I’m not letting either of you off the hook today!

Sun Dongqing, who had an unstable expression on her face, slapped the table and started talking nonsense, randomly accusing others, “Principal Chen, look at how your school is teaching these kids; none of them have the slightest respect for their elders! How can I rest assured while sending my Ying Ying to a school like yours? Teacher Ke, you’re an educator, you’re the person who best understands what type of person Ye Jian is! I swear that there are no lies in my words!”

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