Chapter 226: Such a Wonderful Slap to the Face (6)

“Besides, a young couple in love would never admit that they’re together when caught by elders. But whatever, as long as it doesn’t affect my Ying Ying.” With her saying this, let’s see how Teacher Ke would deal with them!

Sun Dongqing felt like her mouth was dry. Had it not been that Ye Ying was still crying, she would have gone down to buy some water before coming back up to watch that blasted girl be shamed in class.

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Her words were meant to shake Teacher Ke’s figure…She was almost ruined completely by the Mayoress!

Gao Yiyang had originally thought that his words would allow even stupidest person to understand that they were in the wrong.

However, who would have expected her to continue to refute the truth, and push unnecessary blame onto Ye Jian. He, who had always been calm, momentarily felt like his organs had been burned by his fury to the point that they hurt terribly.

“As one of the 6 middle school students in the world who has won an Olympiad gold medal, Mayoress, may I ask, who exactly is affecting who here?!” The bold Gao Yiyang slammed the table in anger. Being able to force such emotions out of the always expressionless him, Sun Dongqing was indeed talented in some ways.

For someone who had never lost his temper to shout so suddenly, and coupled with Gao Yiyang’s ferocious character, Sun Dongqing ended up jumping in fear, her heart trembled a little.

“W…w…who are you trying to challenge?! How have your parents raised you?!”

Noticing that she was about to start causing more trouble again, Principle Chen stood up and spoke in a deep and powerful voice, “You guys can stop arguing now. Both of you make sense, but all that matters now is who can bring forth the truth of the issue at hand.”

“Mayoress, someone of your status shouldn’t be involved in such an affair with children, in order or else you stand risk of losing your reputation.”

Sun Dongqing had indeed halted in shock. Did this blasted girl Ye Jian win some gold medal that had only been won by 6 middle school students in the world? Why…why did it sound like she was very skilful?

“Ying Ying, tell Ma what is going on here”

“You’re screwing me over, Ma, really…” Ye Ying said, seemingly spiritless, her face as pale as snow.

Of course she knew what was going on, and was the reason why she didn’t want the whole world to know that Ye Jian won a gold medal!

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In what ways were she not as capable as Ye Jian?

In the past, she was always a level above Ye Jian, but now, she was a level lower in every aspect. How could she be satisfied with this and admit defeat?

But the main fact was, she couldn’t get the result she wanted!

The gold medal… Ye Jian got the gold medal, but she got nothing!

Even Gao Yiyang, who had always been by her side in the past, no longer helped her. Everything had changed, everything was different now!

She hated that blasted girl! If not for her, she wouldn’t have fallen to this point.

Her daughter sobbed uncontrollably, causing Sun Dongqing to panic like ants on a hot pot. What if her eyes were harmed from all that crying, what would she do?

That blasted girl Ye Jian, why couldn’t she act like a proper elder sister?! She was clearly told to help her sister out in school. But now, all she did was gather up students to bully Ying Ying.

The more Sun Dongqing thought about it, the more dour she got. Turning around, she exclaimed while pointing a finger at Ye Jian, “You d*mned lass, can you not see how devastated your sister is? What kind of an elder sister are you?! Get yourself over here and admit to your mistakes, now!”

This d*mned lass had grown more and more defiant. When her uncle returned, she had better give him a proper explanation!

After all, an uncle has the unquestionable right to discipline his own niece.

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