Chapter 3: The Beginning

In Ye Ying’s eyes, Ye Jian seemed as if she was ready to give her an apology sometime soon.

Her chin was raised a little gently as she earnestly waited for it.

“Then sorry to trouble you, one has to do what one has to do. There’s no way I can refute that.” Ye Jian spoke helplessly and gave a slight smile.

Raising her hand, she rubbed the back of her head and ordered an eviction while ignoring Ye Ying’s darkened face this time around. “I want to change my clothes, help yourself to the door, will you?”

“Ye Jian, how dare you bully me!” Ye Ying slowly got up and her floodgates opened, letting streams of tears flow down her cheeks.

Even though she did look pitiful, her actions were violent. The wooden door closed with a loud “bang” as she slammed the door behind her and left angrily.

“Bully? Ye Ying, as I’ve said before, just you wait!”

Changing her clothes unhurriedly, she heard Ye Ying sobbing in the yard as she voiced her grievances to her mother.

As her heart counted down to three, Sun Dongqing barged into the room with a bamboo cane at the third count. Furiously, she scolded, “You’re seeking death, girl? Eating and drinking in my house, and now you dare to bully your younger sister? You little bastard, have I been feeding a wolf all along?”

Heading straight at Ye Jian, the bamboo cane was not aimed at her body, but instead at her face.

Just how great of a hatred did she have? If her aim was too on point, she might even lose her sight because of the cane!

Ye Jian had already slipped aside as the cane hurled towards the spot she once was. Returning back to her fourteen-year-old self, she would not let herself take any more beatings, and she would never let anyone hit her! No one!

“Ye Ying even needed her older sister to complete her assignment, but I was finally able to convince her that she has to solve her own problems. Aunt, shouldn’t you be thanking me instead? And not hit me with that cane?”

Sun Dongqing was her aunt.

A family of two sisters married to a family of two brothers. In their parental house, they were sisters; and in their mother-in-law’s house, they were sisters-in-law.

“Yo he, you dare dodge to a side? Yesterday, I failed to beat you to death, so today you’ve come at me by making me furious?” Sun Dongqing glared. Folding up her sleeves, she steadied herself to strike again, “Lass, your mother is no longer around, so I’ve got to properly discipline you.”

“Shameless thing, to know how to seduce your own teacher at such a young age; I should’ve beaten you when you were carried back home last night! Don’t you dare taint my Ying Ying!”

Sun Dongqing was willing to ruthlessly discipline her sister’s daughter.

At her parental home, she was always seen as arrogant, and she was always bound to fight with her sister to the very end.

Now that her sister had left her with her only daughter, she had to properly discipline her, no?

Her words immediately turned Ye Jian’s gaze icy cold, and her delicate face immediately turned dark.


…After waking up last night and looking at the calendar on the wall, she understood that she had returned back to her fourteen-year-old self!

A month into the school term was the time when the peach blossoms in the school flowered.

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That year, the fourteen-year-old her wanted to walk home from school together with Ye Ying. Immediately when she left, she ran into Ye Ying who was running and was pulled along without a word.

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After ten meters or so of running, she was tripped by Ye Ying and ended up hitting her forehead on a rock covered in moss. In that instant, she passed out.

By the time she had regained consciousness, it was already Sunday, and the rumor about her seducing her teacher had already spread.

However, she had woken up on Friday this time around!

A difference of two days was key to determine the rest of her life.

Ye Jian reached her hand out to her pillow. Grabbing the scissors from last night, she pointed them straight at Sun Dongqing and spoke firmly, “The me whose menstruation hasn’t even arrived…already knows how to seduce my teacher? Whoever’s out there ruining my reputation, I’ll definitely not let their whole family off!”

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