Chapter 471: A Rare Meeting

The other two gazed at the ceiling, and a knowing look surfaced from the bottom of their eyes. That pistol was naturally Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine’s, a name that was mentioned multiple times during the meeting. Her file got passed to the leadership’s office during the end of the day and was confirmed to be the student tagging along on the journey.

Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon picked up the QSZ-92 9mm semi-automatic pistol. ‘Ka-Chak’ ‘ka-Chak,’ he pulled back the receiver a couple of times to make sure there was no jamming. He made sure that all the bullets and cartridges got accounted for, and only after making sure everything was in order did he sign the papers for the gun-lease.

“Your little fox would probably like a gun like this, small and exquisite. It is quite handy, and it also packs quite a punch.” J5 laughed while clapping on Xia Jinyuan’s shoulders. Now he finally remembered why Q King always gave off a familiar impression.

Just now, a series of images flashed past his sea of consciousness. During the year he had just joined the team, the Commander in Chief came to inspect the troops. The handsome face in front of him was overlapping with the middle-aged face that was filled with military vigor, and he finally understood the key behind everything.

The family members of the leaderships rarely came to light. This was to prevent criminal elements from targeting innocent family members.

Like Q King, if it weren’t because he had noticed a sense of familiarity, he would have never thought that this person was someone with such an illustrious background. He was able to get along with the brothers and did not carry any air of arrogance, unlike the other descendants of officials.

However, the Elite Platoon didn’t lack descendants from the military families like Z7 and K7. The two of them were the descendants of generals; their family background only slightly lackluster when compared with Xia Jinyuan, who was from a more influential family.

Xia Jinyuan checked his watch after safely storing away the pistol, the edges of his lips curved upwards subconsciously. His little fox must have boarded the plane by now, ETA 2 hours, and 11 minutes until they arrive at the airport.

Only allowed on

It’s a pity that he can’t receive them.

“I still have to meet with Ye Jian for everything to go accordingly. All of you should reread the information about the entourage after returning to your rooms.” When he mentioned Ye Jian, Xia Jinyuan’s expression had mellowed out quite a bit, making him seem more handsome. “A private plane will arrive tomorrow at 0430. Assemble an hour earlier and stealthily assist our brothers in National Security with their cleaning of the surroundings. Make sure there are no problems whatsoever.

The leaders couldn’t announce their time when going on an overseas visit. They also couldn’t allow their departure time and location to be leaked out. The security work must be done with strict confidentiality, and uninvolved people were not allowed to enter, regardless of the reason. They must ensure that it was so tightly locked down that not even a fly could infiltrate.

Besides, the soldiers from the elite platoon wouldn’t give away their cover so quickly. For the mission this time, they knew their brothers came from National Security and Zhongnanhai, but the soldiers from those two units didn’t know that the Elite Platoon soldiers were mixed in amongst the entourage.

That’s why Xia Jinyuan said to assist them stealthily.

The four of them walked out of the armory, got onto a car that was arranged by the military, and left promptly. Xia Jinyuan drove alone towards the military area to meet up with Ye Jian. He needed to bring Ye Jian to meet a significant leader who was also one of the leaders going on this trip.

The plane arrived at the Beijing airport at 11 pm, and they only arrived in the military area at 00.30. There were only three hours left until their visit abroad would commence.

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“Lassie, this is as far as Commander Liu and I will go. After getting out of the car, go to the sentry post. Someone will be waiting there for you.” When they reached the military area’s entrance, Political Commissar Yan smiled and spoke to Ye Jian, who had spent more than two hours of her time resting her eyes on the plane. “Once you have flown off, if you have any problems, you can report to the secretary along the way. When you discover something of an emergency, don’t decide on your own. Try your best to handle things after reporting it in.”

“There is only one type of situation where you can and should make prompt decisions, anything else, you should act with caution.”

They urged again and again before they left as if afraid Ye Jian will act hastefully because of her young age, leaving behind an unfavorable impression on their leaders.

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