Chapter 528: This Kind Of Skill Is Rare

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Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon warned the strange men in English as he held his military dagger tighter at their neck. One man who was struggling to free himself suddenly had blood bleeding from his neck.


Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine did the same method as she did when she suppressed the al-Qaeda politics, without giving the other party a chance to make a sound, nor a chance to struggle.


Both Ye Jian and Xia Jinyuan ambushed at the same speed, the same shot; even their attack was almost synchronized… This made J5 and the other brothers stunned. The cooperation between these two people was really… entirely mutual!


T6, who stepped forward to scour the men’s body, confirmed that they didn’t have any communication devices on them. Then, Ye Jian clenched the man’s head with both hands, with a “crack” sound, both men were disposed of silently.


Without communication devices, the two men couldn’t contact the base, and the people at the base couldn’t reach them. Naturally… Ye Jian and the troops chose to get rid of them; they couldn’t keep those men with guns on their back alive.   

“There’s no communication device on them, so they must be the lowest level members. This means that we are close to their farthest patrol range.” Xia Jinyuan reopened the map, then positioned it with the GPS, his finger lightly tapped on the map. “We are here now. We’re close to the coordinates of the enemy base camp and by their farthest patrol range.”    

“We’re on the right track and expected to arrive at 7:00 pm. The Pakistani government forces will come in from the north side. They’re using a plane, plus our time spent when we marched here so that they would arrive about half an hour earlier than us.” K7 whispered. Everyone had a natural look about what had happened earlier, “When they start to fight, it’ll be a good time for us to proceed further.”

“Recheck the time, we’ll take a ten-minute break then proceed again.”


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Time management was critical. If there was a one-minute error, there might be significant mistakes. What they feared most was something happening to their comrades, if they were one minute late.


A few people stared at the map, besides Xia Jinyuan, the rest of them still glanced at Ye Jian from time to time. It was okay if it was done once, but they did it several times that Ye Jian couldn’t help but laugh, “What do you guys want? You keep looking at me.”


“Hah, haha…” T6 laughed unnaturally after being caught. He patted his helmet, feeling embarrassed, “You don’t think we are cruel?”

Xia Jinyuan, who was looking at Ye Jian, said: “Don’t care about them. It’s their first time working with female soldiers, so their minds are weird.”

“You guys, overthink. How can I feel that you guys are cruel? I think I’m the cruel one here. I sensed the enemy and immediately informed you guys about them, now that’s cruel.” Ye Jian laughed, she didn’t understand why they would think so, they had all seen cruelty last night.


No, it wasn’t a question about cruelty, but… a question about her, but they felt that it was inconvenient to ask.


Ye Jian slightly squinted her black eyes; a light glimmered in her eyes, then she softly “oh.” T6 and the brothers laughed silently; it seemed that this clever girl knew what they wanted to ask.   

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“I have a susceptible sense of smell. If there’s perfume, as long as it’s windy, I should be able to smell it at a great distance. There’s a kind of smell on the Pakistani man. I don’t know what smell it is, but it seems that all of them have it. Just now, I’ve been smelling the smell of rotten leaves in the jungles, but then suddenly, there was another smell, so I could easily sense it.”

This was what they wanted to ask… How could she sense the smell and concluded that it was the smell of the enemy?

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