Chapter 529: Pay Attention To Hygiene In The Future 

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After the Elite Platoon members had a short moment of ruefulness towards Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine, who did not have any special skills, there were slight changes on their painted faces.    

J5 turned his head, he bumped K7’s shoulder, his voice was so soft that K7 was unable to listen clearly, “It seems like we would need to bath several more times in the future. We can no longer feel proud of our masculine odor; we need to exercise restraint.”    

For a group of men, they would either be training everyday or going out on missions. The odors on their bodies weren’t delightful to the nose, they would tidy up when they were wearing their military uniforms, but how was it possible for them to immediately tidy up after training? They would wash their faces under the tap and directly head to the canteen for their meal.


Since everyone was the same, who would bother about their body odor.

K7 swept a cold glance at J5; he turned his head without saying anything. 

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He did not have much odor on him; he had been handling Chinese medicine from young, only when he sweated a lot would it smell like Chinese medicine.    

There were quite a few who had the same thoughts as J5. Other than Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon and K7 being indifferent, the others had subtle ideas. 

This was especially true for T6, who had superior appearances and yet failed at countless blind dates, his heart seemed to be splashed by a basin of cold water. D*mn it, could it be that his odor was also one of the reasons for failing in his blind dates? 

How could had Ye Jian known her remarks would shock the elites of the Elite Platoon, causing the other units to feel inferior to all the soldiers of the Elite Platoon when it came to hygiene in the future.    

Once the ten-minute break was up, the seven of them set off once more. At that moment, they had traveled for almost nine hours; there were no traces of exhaustion on the faces of the Elite Platoon members who had long term training, as for Ye Jian It was the same.  

On this day, the toughness in her bones was displayed towards J5 and the others. Who said women were incomparable to men? Ye Jian, who had taken the role of the vanguard, sentinel as well as reconnaissance was not worse compared to any male soldier.  

It was no wonder the Major General of the Army did not hesitate to place Ye Jian at the sniper position, fighting alongside them.   

At 6 p.m., the thick shade of the trees on Margalla Hills had covered the final rays of the sun. The birds returning to their nest on the branches let out happy chirps, and no noise could be heard soon after.

The bushes became a paradise for nocturnal insects; different tunes could be heard. Several ghost-like figures rushed by the symphony of nature, moving forward fearlessly. They all stopped at the corner of the dense forest, bending their backs and crawling on the ground. 

Ye Jian realized the members of the Elite Platoon should be used to fighting at night. Compared to the day, from her night-vision goggles, she was able to see their ferocious expressions. They relied on silent assassinations, approaching the outer periphery of Al-Qaeda’s patrols, dividing into groups, and assigning the task for the final time before heading out.    

”The confirmed coordinate is correct, move in stealthily,” Xia Jinyuan confirmed their position. Finding the location of the map though dim lighting, he used his finger to point at a few places, “Triangular outflank, converge in the middle.”   

”Me and Ye Jian, Team 1, Ye Jian will enter the base camp to find a sniper point, I’ll be covering her back. Old partners T6 and V8, Team 2, J5 and G3, Team 3, K7 is in charge of scouting and finding the suspected Chinese.”   

Ye Jian, who was in charge of sniping. Wouldn’t be sniping from the outside. She would be sneaking into the base and act as the sniper covering her comrades-in-arms instead.

In that case, she needed to enter first to search for a suitable vantage point.

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When facing Xia Jinyuan’s line of sight, which resembled a bottomless abyss, she made an ‘OK’ gesture, indicating she had no problem with her task. After experiencing actual combat several times, Ye Jian realized her mind had been strengthened a lot.

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