Chapter 530: Fighting Side By Side 

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She did not hesitate to pull the trigger during her first time shooting a criminal in Australia, but after seeing the bloody scene, she had a heavy feeling in her stomach. Her mind was blank, and she felt panicky.


It was her second time taking someone’s life.

But right now, there were no substantial feelings in her stomach. She knew that she was allowing the other party to kill her if she did not take action! It was also allowing the other party to kill her comrades!   

”You’re able to arrive at the base the fastest by heading down from here. Little Fox, get ready to descend,” With the aid of the night-vision goggles, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon and Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine would arrive at the rock cliff of the enemy’s camp the fastest.   

Ye Jian shot a glance at the broken mountain ridge, and she gently nodded her head, “Alright, no problem. I’ll keep watch. You head down first!”  

No matter who went down first, they needed to be alert. Xia Jinyuan nodded his head and placed his gun on his back. Using only the tip of his foot to step on the uneven rocks, his hands were either grabbing the long shrubs growing on the rocks, or he was grabbing on to the cracks. He descended like a funnel falling fast. 

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After three minutes, Ye Jian, who was alert above, heard the cries of a nocturnal bird, placed her gun on her back, and hurriedly descend just like Xia Jinyuan.

She had a petite and slender figure, her waist seems extra soft and boneless, she was also light, she was more agile than male soldiers, she was more gentle compared to Xia Jinyuan’s heroic beast like assault. It was true to the phrase ‘women are like water,’ she was around a minute slower in descending compared to special forces like Xia Jinyuan, who had received professional training.

Upon descending, their figures were like felines walking in the jungle, so silent that the was no rustling of leaves could be heard. The two of them could be said to have strong fundamental skills.

Although the mountain was cooling, one would still be drenched in sweat after walking close to ten hours. Ye Jian’s arm even injured, so it was inevitable to feel uncomfortable due to the stinging of sweat. Ye Jinyuan wanted to ask multiple times, but Ye Jian did not act abnormally, causing Xia Jinyuan to give up on the thought.

There were also psychological suggestions to her injury. She felt it was fine, so it would be counterproductive if he had mentioned anything, and she suddenly remembered it.

With the help of the night-vision goggles, Ye Jian saw Xia Jinyuan, who was scouting ahead, making hand signals at her. “8 o’clock position, sentry, kill,” They had entered the targeted area, as long as they saw any sentries, they needed to finish them off. 

Ye Jian gently nodded. While carrying her sniper rifle, she bit her combat knife and crawled towards the sentry. The sounds of insects chirping covered her light footsteps; her figure was hidden in the darkness; her figure which blended into the night displayed her ‘fangs.’ She crossed her arms and quickly grabbed the other party’s chin…… within three seconds, the other party’s head and neck had transformed into a weird and distorted posture.

With the neck being twisted, there wasn’t the slightest trace of blood. Xia Jinyuan was responsible for handling the resolved sentinel while Ye Jian was in charge of keeping watch.

Everything was proceeding in secret; every sentinel discovered was assassinated.

After sneaking past the outer periphery of the patrol area, they had entered an even tighter monitoring range. Xia Jinyuan bent his feet; his slender body stood close to a tree; he quickly made a squatting posture towards Ye Jian.

When a patrol was shining his torch towards their direction, Ye Jian had squatted on one knee a second before the lights shone over. Her body then rolled agilely like a snow fox running on the snowy ground, hiding in the bushes.

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