Chapter 631: Beat Him Crying For His Parents In A Few Punches

Since Ye Jian trained under the requirements of the special forces, even her squad leader was unable to tell that she had taken action in secret. Hearing those words, she shook her head and said: “He didn’t kick much, he may seem ferocious, but he is actually so-so.”


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She pointed at Luo Ran, “Squad leader, release him; I want to see what he is made of.”


There was no need to try, and she could tell he did not have any skills, money can make the world go round. Luo Ran’s arrogance was built on the foundation of ‘money,’ using money to bribe people to work for him, allowing himself to look prestigious.


”We will not take care of him; there would be people who would naturally take action outside,” The squad leader swept a glance at the boy who thought highly of himself, he sneered and said: “Such a person would be asking for a beating no matter where he goes, it’s not worth us taking action.”


However, this girl was right, with him screaming, if the students who were unaware heard him, they would think that their comrades had beaten him.

He raised his hand, indicating for his comrades to release him, there was no need to calculate with such a person’s words.


The two soldiers seeing their squad leader signaling them released their grips at the same time, they then gently pushed him to the front, they then pressed the fearless Luo Ran’s head to the floor, he stumbled and directly landed on all fours in a bowing position.

He coincidentally fell on the tip of the squad leader’s foot; his forehead hit the tip of the squad leader’s army cloth shoes.

He was either scolding or humiliating others when he opened his mouth. If they were not in the army, they would have used their clothes to cover his head and beat him until he cried for his parents in a few punches.


Outside, as long as Luo Ran said he was willing to pay, people who were willing to take action on his behalf would be lining up, he had never taken a loss in front of others since he was young, nobody would reject him in the face of money.


When tripping, his chest was struck by a rock, causing Luo Ran to be seething in anger, burning up his internal organs just like a murderer. He grabbed on to a rock the size of a fist and directly smashed it towards the squad leader’s foot without even putting much thought.

How could he have it his way just based on his skills, the squad leader took a step back and easily evaded him, there was a cold glint in his bright gaze, he looked at the lawless boy who assaulted a soldier in public. He said calmly: “Send him to his teacher, cut out all the nearby surveillance video, and send it to the school. To openly insult and assault a soldier on duty, it’s the first time I’m seeing such a student.” 

Repeated failures caused Luo Ran to lose his rationality; he was already used to being arrogant; he was also used to being flattered by others. Now that he had run into a wall once more, he was furious and began cursing, “Damn poor soldier, stop acting smug in front of your daddy, thinking you are so awesome. You are only a blade of grass in your daddy’s eyes!”

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”What’s with the teachers? You think I’m afraid of them! Your daddy is not even scared of the principal!” Vulgarities were overflowing out of his mouth. Ye Jian clenched her fist tightly after hearing it; she took two steps forward, there was ruthlessness in her dark pupils, she said coldly: “Luo Ran, stand up right now, let’s have a good fight.”


The squad leader was dumbfounded…… It was because he realized that this girl really wanted to fight this boy.


”What are you doing? The more you are bothered about him, he would be even more excited,” The squad leader did not wish for the two students to be fighting in front of him, he said to his comrades: “Why are you all in a daze? Drag him away!”


The two soldiers saluted their squad leader when they heard his words; they replied, ‘Yes, Sir!’, and walked towards Luo Ran with cold and sharp gazes.

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