Chapter 643: The Smell Of Sulfur

How would Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine know there would be a huge ‘surprise’ waiting for her in front of her, currently, they all stood on the anti-chemical unit’s shooting range, that had a great location and was able to house more than ten thousand people while shooting at targets.  

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“Bang bang bang…”    

The sounds of gunfire reverberated in the area, the bullets were muted, some of them shot in a single fire, some shot in burst fire, the bullet’s initial velocity is 720 meters/second, this was a Type 81 assault rifle, the guns had a revolving toggle, able to switch between single fire and burst fire, the 7.62mm caliber bullets were fed using magazines with a capacity of 30 rounds.    

Solely based on the sound of the bullets and sound of the bullets being fired, to the calculation of the bullet’s speed, Ye Jian was able to figure out what assault rifle they were currently using in the shooting range.   

Meanwhile, the other students hadn’t realized the situation, someone even said, “Firecrackers? They’re that enthusiastic about our return, huh.”    

“That’s not firecrackers, why does it sound like fireworks in my ears? Shoo… Boom! Sounds like fireworks to me.”   

“Are you going crazy? How can we see any fireworks in broad daylight, even if there are any, we’ll be able to see the rod flying into the sky, right?”  

“I smell sulfur; it’s quite concentrated, it’s probably coming from firecrackers.”    

An Jiaxin was the one who said that last sentence, Ye Jian turned her head and explained while laughing: “Indeed, that’s the smell of sulfur, but not sulfur from firecrackers, it’s another type of sulfur from something deadly.”


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This was the difference between Ye Jian and them when the students heard gunfire; they thought it was either fireworks or firecrackers, while Ye Jian immediately knew what gun was used based on the sound of the bullets, this gap of difference was genuinely vast, a distance that others can only look up to.


While gaps like this aren’t too distinct right now, but with the further passing of time, with Ye Jian growing up slightly, then that would truly make the distance between Ye Jian and them stand out, like a vast chasm no one could cross forever.    

Cold sweats formed on An Jiaxin’s body from the sudden realization and stared mouth agape at Ye Jian, and with a dazed look: “I know that firecrackers can also hurt people, even huge thunder crackers can blow off someone’s entire hand!”  

“Even if your hand gets blown off, you’re still alive, what I’m talking about is… the type where the person won’t be alive anymore, we’re in a shooting range, do you think that’s going to be firecrackers?” Ye Jian’s smile seemed to change according to the amount of sunlight when the sun was up and no overhead clouds, her smile looked like a morning breeze that can’t even blow away the morning dew. At noon, her smile becomes much brighter and radiant when compared to the scorching sun, like a miniature sun on the face of the earth, giving energy to the already tired out students.  

But now, her smile seemed like the dazzling rosy clouds occasionally appearing above the horizons, her face was incomparably beautiful, even the beads of sweat hanging on the edge of her brows could express the beauty that could stop hearts, causing people to wish… they could turn into that bead of sweat if only to remain on the soft and smooth, jade-like skin on her incomparably beautiful face.  

“Ye Jian, you’re beautiful, if I were a guy, I’d definitely fall in love with you.” An Jiaxin who was enthralled by her beauty mumbled dazedly, her gaze stuck like glue on Ye Jian’s face; she was genuinely enthralled.   

Her mind had wandered… really far, and between laughter and tears, Ye Jian said: “To be able to instantly jump to how I looked like when we were talking about firecrackers, your line of thought is truly something.”   

“Oh, oh, right, if that wasn’t a thunder cracker, then what was it? The sound seems very similar, though.” Even An Jiaxin believed her line of thought was indeed something, immediately after, they could hear disjointed ‘bang, bang’ sounds, suddenly, as if achieving enlightenment, a bright light flashed past her eyes.     

She grabbed onto Ye Jian with a smile, and she asked for confirmation with an unbelieving look, “Target shooting, I know, it’s target shooting, it’s target shooting, right?”   

Since they were already here, and they have already heard the sounds, why can’t she believe it now?

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