Chapter 523: Young Widow

Yang Le Le currently could not stand people saying such things, she was immediately enraged after Yang Su Yun mentioned it: “Yang Su Yun, what do you mean?”

”What do I mean? Did I say wrongly? Swords have no eyes on the battlefield, it’s not known if he could return alive,” The corner of Yang Su Yun’s lips curled up, she had a happy smile on her face seeing Yang Le Le being so enraged.

‘Pa!’ Yang Le Le lifted her hand and slapped Yang Su Yun’s face: “Shut your mouth, my husband will be fine, he said he’ll return.”

”Haha, you are only deceiving yourself. Who does he think he is? He will remain alive all because he said so? Yang Le Le, you will definitely be like me, a young widow,” Yang Su Yun said the last three words very slowly and loudly.

It was like a clap of thunder ringing in Yang Le Le’s ears.

”You…… You……” Yang Le Le trembled as she pointed at Yang Su Yun before fainting from agitation.

Madame Yang and Madame Cheng were coming out with smiles on their faces before they saw Yang Su Yun smiling as she looked at the fainted Yang Le Le.

”Le Le,” Madame Yang hurriedly ran over and held her in her arms.

Yang Zhu, who had just returned from the grounds, saw his fainted daughter. He had worry on his face: “Dear, what happened to Le Le?”

”Hubby, hurry and find Yao’er, have her bring Qing Shuang along to check on Le Le,” Madame Yang hurriedly said.

Yang Zhu responded, he threw the hoe to the ground and ran out.

Yang Su Yun sneered in her heart, she was hoping Yang Le Le was unable to bear the blow and die.

When Ning Meng Yao heard Yang Le Le had fainted, she hurriedly passed the child to Qiao Tian Chang’s embrace, she then brought Qing Shuang and headed to Yang Zhu’s home.

Qing Shuang furrowed her brows after checking Yang Le Le’s pulse: “She is almost one month pregnant, she fainted after being agitated this time. The fetus was slightly affected, I’ll prescribe some medicine, she’ll be fine after a dose, but do not agitate her anymore.”

Madame Cheng looked at Yang Su Yun: “What did you do?” She was with Yang Le Le at that time, Yang Su Yun must have said something to agitate Yang Le Le.

Ning Meng Yao looked coldly at Yang Su Yun. Why was this woman prancing around over here?

”Mother, I am your daughter, why can’t you believe me?” Yang Su Yun said angrily as she looked at her mother with dissatisfaction.

Yang Le Le slowly opened her eyes after less than an hour, she became agitated once more after seeing Yang Su Yun: “Mother, make her leave, get her out of our home at once, I do not wish to see her.”

Madame Yang hurriedly hugged the agitated Yang Le Le, she kept consoling her: “Le Le, don’t be anxious, you must not be agitated, there’s a child in your belly.”

Child? Yang Le Le looked at Madame Yang while in a daze, she was filled with disbelief: “Mother, what did you say?”

”Qing Shuang checked your pulse just now, she said you are almost one month pregnant, you fainted after being agitated.

Yang Le Le subconsciously reached out her hand and touched her belly, she remembered the words Lei An told her before leaving, he said to wait for his return and they would have a child, but she was actually pregnant? She and Lei An had a child?

”Mother…… Is…… Is this true?”

”It’s true, Qing Shuang said the fetus was affected, you must not be agitated any more,” Madame Yang urged softly, she was filled with hatred towards Yang Su Yun in her heart.

Yang Le Le reached out her hand and touched her belly, she nodded her head, but when she saw Yang Su Yun. Her expression remained as ugly but she still restrained herself: “Mother, chase her out, I do not wish to see her.”

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”What happened?”

”Mother, Yang Su Yun said Lei An will not be returning, he would die on the battlefield, she even said I would be a young widow just like her,” Yang Le Le sobbed as she said.

Her husband was at a war outside, as his wife, she was worried and unsettled, but Yang Su Yun had said such words.

Madame Yang was instantly enraged: “Yang Su Yun, how did my daughter provoke you for you to say such words?” Her daughter and son-in-law had a good relationship, it was no wonder Yang Le Le would be agitated. Anyone would be agitated when they hear such words, not to mention the pregnant Yang Le Le.

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