Chapter 660: Courting Death

Today, she must blemish the d*mned lass’ name! If she could make all of her classmates think that the d*mned lass was seducing the instructor, then that’d be perfect!

No, no, she doesn’t even need all of them, as long as just a select few students believed that then it would be good enough! By the time they returned to school, this rumor will slowly grow and spread, by that time, hahaha… then more students and teachers in the school will believe in the story that the d*mned lass seduced an instructor while in Bootcamp!    

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Thinking about that scenario, Ye Ying seemed like she could see her wondrous days ahead of her, she then bellowed: “All of the students, more than fifty of them, hadn’t seen him smile at anyone in the five, six days they had been in his company. Neither did they see him chatting cheerfully alone with another girl, and had not even seen him praise any other girl!”   

“I, Ye Ying am not blind, I see everything clear as day! You tell me, you tell me! Do you dare to say the instructor doesn’t like you? Heh, you don’t dare, do you! Clearly, you’re playing around with his feelings, and now you’re spouting stuff with a face of righteousness? Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine, you’re making me feel sick!”   

“And he even said you’ll score 30 points, how much does he like you for him to have that much confidence in you! 30 points? In just twenty minutes, a person who hadn’t even touched a gun before this could score 30 points? No matter how naive I am, even I know that is impossible!”    

She had spoken the thoughts of the students who noticed the instructor being amiable whenever he was with Ye Jian, at the very least, Ye Ying did not ramble nonsense this time.   

They don’t believe that Ye Jian likes the instructor, but they couldn’t help but feel that the instructor indeed likes Ye Jian, why else would he treat Ye Jian this nicely?   

With his slim brows raised ever so slightly, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon spoke up with a cold voice, “I am also very much fond of student Ye Jian from your class. However, it’s not the type of ‘fondness’ coming out from that student’s mouth. Instead, it is a fondness that stems from admiration.   

“This student, don’t you know there is also a type of fondness called ‘admiration’?”    

Are you going to continue endlessly! Spouting accusations whenever opening her mouth and saying sentences that even he, Xia Jinyuan, did not like to hear! No matter how well-bred he was, it was time to speak up!

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When the sharp-gazed Ye Ying heard those words, she stared at the utterly unfamiliar instructor who was also taking Ye Jian’s side. she continued speaking with a smirk on her face: “You may admire Ye Jian, but that’s definitely not the case for the instructor from our class.”    

“Ye Ying.” Ye Jian’s voice dropped to a tone that made it seem like her voice was wrapped in ice, she interrupted while emitting a cold aura around her: “You think just because the instructor likes me, that’s why he could say I will score 30 points with such confidence?”   

“Are you telling me the basis of your doubts is because the instructor smiled at you guys, telling you that I could score 30 points? Is that your strongest evidence?”   

Because I can score 30 points, that’s why you suspect the instructor likes me. On the contrary, if I can score 30 points, then that means the instructor doesn’t like me?    

Ye Jian repeated her thoughts out loud, causing Ye Ying who was desperate to win to fail at noticing the meaning wrapped between those two sentences, she nodded and replied: “That’s correct! Why else would the instructor deliberately say you could score 30 points and not the other girls.”   

“I understand this now…” With a slight smile, Ye Jian had already noticed two soldiers with rushed footsteps following after the political commissar who was walking at a steady pace, she then turned to glance at Xia Jinyuan who wore a bland expression. She believed he had already noticed the political commissar walking over; she also thought that this dangerous man would not say something like ‘I am also fond of her too’ without reason, there must be a reason for him to say something like that.    

Ye Jian, who hadn’t fully grasped the intention of Xia Jinyuan’s words raised the chill in her voice and coldly said: “You are undermining a soldier’s reputation, do you think you’re the one in the right?”

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