Chapter 685: A Mountain Cannot Contain Two Tigers

That’s right; she still has the jade pendant! She still has a chance to make Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine better of dying than living!

Wait, just wait! Just wait for her! Ye Ying, who had secretly made a vow, had a sharp gaze and narrowed her eyes with ferociousness. Just wait, she would return today’s humiliation by a hundredfold. Definitely! Return a hundredfold!

Ye Ying, who was holding on to the jade pendant, was like falling into the deep abyss at one moment and seemed to have seen the light the very next moment. Today’s mistake was not considered anything; it was just for her to see Ye Jian’s progress!

That’s right; it was not considered much; she will continue working hard and definitely not allow Ye Jian to surpass herself every single time! So what if she knew how to stand a military posture? So what if she knew how to shoot a gun? Just a poor soldier, she would only be a poor soldier if she had no connections, she could only earnestly wait for retirement!

Just like Instructor Huang, what’s the use of earning so much merit? In the end, he still has to obediently return to his hometown, right?

Thinking about it, Ye Ying was so excited that her eyes turned scarlet. So what if Ye Jian was terrific? No one would help her in the end! As for her, she still had her father around, there’s also this piece of a jade pendant, what was there to be afraid of?

Yao Jing was a smart person, she suddenly noticed the change in Ye Ying, and she shifted her gaze, a hint of doubt flashed in her eyes. Why was she all right all of a sudden? She had a gloomy expression just now, why did she become so happy right now?

Wasn’t it just a jade pendant on her chest?

She sighed and said: “A mountain cannot contain two tigers. It’s obvious that you are in a disadvantaged position right now, it’s good to transfer schools. As for the school, I’ll keep an eye out, don’t forget, there’s still Luo Ran.”

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Right, there’s still Luo Ran! He would not be withdrawing from school; the school would also not allow him to withdraw.

Ye Ying, who was in a better mood, chuckled, “I would have forgotten about it if you did not mention it. Luo Ran is not someone simple. Ye Jian had chased him out of the army today, heh, Luo Ran had lost all face, this hostility is set.”

After a pause, she said in an excited tone, “Just wait and see how Ye Jian is sorted out by Luo Ran.” 

Heh, that might not be certain. Once she took action, she had chased one person out of military training, and another was forced to withdraw from school, this Ye Jian…… Yao Jing, who had such thoughts recalled the military officer who came to school that day, then pouted her mouth.

She still had some pent up anger, which could not be vented out, it seems……

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Just when she was thinking that she still needed to continue enduring, she suddenly heard Ye Ying saying softly: “Also, your idea last night is completely useless towards Ye Jian! She is not afraid of snakes! I saw her catching a snake, she directly used a dagger to nail it to a piece of wood and skinned the snake, she then ate raw snake meat with the instructors!”

Thinking about the bloody scene, Ye Ying felt her stomach turning upside down, “She could even eat such things, she is just as disgusting as barbarians.”

She even eats snakes! What kind of person was Ye Jian? Why did it seem like she was harder and harder to be seen through?

Compared to Ye Ying, who only saw the surface, Yao Jing had seen deeper. Hearing those words, not only was she not disgusted, she felt even more fearful towards Ye Jian. She knew that if she was to take action, she must either defeat Ye Jian in one fell swoop or not take action at all!

”Ye Jian, this side, this side! Quickly sit here.”

She was watching at the side of the field, but she still heard Ye Jian’s name being called out, Ye Ying’s eyes became sharp and looked over, she then saw Ye Jian jogging over to the middle of the field. She walked over to the first class of the eleventh grade sitting in a circle on the ground. The first class of the eleventh grade was a collective she did not wish to approach right now!

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