Chapter 7: Revealing Something Unexpected for the First Time

The black animal not only rushed in front of her, but also growled and stood with its forelimbs resting directly on her shoulders.

…the distance was not far, so Ye Jian could see its teeth clearly. They were extremely sharp and slightly stained with red blood.

Judging by the breath from its heavy breathing through the nose and mouth, no doubt it was a black Tibetan Mastiff.

“Don’t move.”

“Don’t move.”

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A few whispers could be heard from behind, signalling Ye Jian to calm down and not to scream or make any large movements.

…Ye Jian, whose nose could smell the bloody pungent scent, did her best to relax her shoulders and gradually adjust her breathing.

A mastiff could fight off a tiger. Her best choice was not to make any movements.

Old Man Gen did not take any actions immediately, but instead clapped his hands lightly three times. The animal’s hair immediately stood erect, and the black dog gave a low sigh as it quickly put its fangs away. Ye Jian felt as if it was about to bite her neck on the next second if not for Old Man Gen.

After the meeting that lasted no more than a few seconds, the black dog gave another low growl before distancing himself away from Ye Jian and laying itself beside Old Man Gen.

Without a change in expression, Ye Jian breathed out gently from her mouth before finishing what she had wanted to say with a smile, “Grandpa, I’ve something I wish to speak with you about inside the house.”

Courageous people? There were many. But even they might not have been able to remain calm. What a Tibetan mastiff was, the four soldiers knew all too well about it.

The one living by Old Man Gen’s side was a Tibetan mastiff from the first generation of “Iron Generals.” They were fearsome, combat effective, and responsive… all packed together to make them the top!

An average soldier might not wet his pants after the scare, but it would certainly take a toll on their expression.

However, the little missy in front of them… could indifferently return to finish her sentence! Truly very admirable!

Old Man Gen could somewhat guess what she was here for. Looking at the four men’s surprised looks as they gazed at the missy, Old Man Gen nodded and brought Ye Jian into a room where even the furniture was brand new.

“Jian lass, this house has always been prepared for you. Home, this is your home. Whenever you feel like returning, feel free to come back.”

These were simple words, but they hit Ye Jian in the weakest spot of her heart. Turning around, she bowed deeply, “Grandpa Gen, thank you.”

Such a ceremony was rather abrupt even for an old man who had survived a rain of bullets in the battlefield.

His thick and rough hands held Ye Jian straight and firm, and he spoke in a deep and powerful voice, “Lass, Grandpa is undeserving of this ceremony.”

“This house has always belonged to you. I’m nothing but a resident who shall guard this place well until your return.”

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The old man’s strength was great, and Ye Jian was not able to perform another ceremony. “Lass, stand up straight! For people to survive in this world, the first thing to do is to keep the back straight!”

“Grandpa Gen, thank you.” Ye Jian looked up to the person whose hair was already white and was giving her his teaching to keep in her heart as if he were someone very close to her. “Ye Jian shall remember the words by heart.”

Grandpa Gen did not ask why she had suddenly wanted to return. If he wanted to do so, he would not have brought her into this bedroom that he had maintained very well.

When the old man and the lass left the house, the men who were eating their noodles outside had already taken their leave. The table was cleared, and the chairs were neatly arranged by the sides of the table, … it was as if they had never come at all.

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