Chapter 8: Dignified

Old man Gen looked at the empty chairs by the table, and his raspy voice sounded gently at Ye Jian, “Jian lass, what they are, you’ll know in the future. Grandpa cannot say for certain about everything else, but when you stay here, you’ll absolutely never suffer from even the tiniest bit of grievance.”

Grievance…, she would never allow herself to be mistreated ever again!

Ye Jian nodded her head gently. After deeply thinking for a while, she blinked her eyes wryly, “Don’t worry, I won’t speak carelessly.”

The world did not have a lack of clever people; what it lacked were people who cared from the heart. Old Man Gen laughed and looked gently into Ye Jian’s eyes, “Good, then Grandpa shall wait for you to come home.”

Hei Ga had once again returned from out of the blue when Ye Jian was about to leave. Old Man Gen smiled and looked at Ye Jian, “Were you afraid of it just now? Did it scare you?”

A young Tibetan mastiff was still much robust than an average fully grown dog. Ye Jian took a glimpse at it and pouted, “I’m not afraid of it. A spirited dog recognizes its owner.”

“Oh, lass, you sure have guts. But this is no dog, it’s a mastiff; a very spirited Tibetan mastiff.” Seeing her calm face without a trace of fear, his heart became elated. “Then let it take a whiff of your smell. When you return, it’ll be able to recognize you.”

With just a clap of his hand, Hei Ga’s reaction was instantaneous. Just as if it was well disciplined, it sped over.

“Come, Hei Ga, take a whiff of your new young master.” Old Man Gen bent forward and gently stroked Hei Ga’s head before indicating to Ye Jian to extend her hand to have the mastiff smell its new master.

Ye Jian boldly stretched out her hand and hovered it in front of Hei Ga’s muzzle. “Hei Ga, I’m Ye Jian. In the future, please take care of me.”

Time was needed for a master to be accepted, and a Tibetan mastiff usually recognizes only one master in its entire life. But a spirited one would be able to accept two.

Hei Ga did not immediately take a whiff of Ye Jian’s smell, but instead shook its fur coat and circled around Ye Jian’s feet a few times like a proud general. Occasionally, it would sniff and produce a low growl.

The sniffing and growling had lasted no more than three minutes before it arrived in front of Ye Jian’s small legs and let itself lie there. That was a sign to show that it had accepted its new master.

Hei Ga had finally accepted her. Her heart was extremely elated, but that was not what the other person felt.

Sun Dongqing was both anxious and furious with perspiration early in the morning as she circled around the village trying to find Ye Jian’s whereabouts.

Useless girl, where did she vanish to! When everything was fine, she would always be under her nose; but when things happened, even her shadow would not be present.

Ye Jian walked to an embankment in the village which was near a number of ponds. Squinting her eyes, she saw Sun Dongqing looking straight at her from a lower ground.

All Ye Jian saw was her eyes moving slightly as the woman rushed in her direction furiously. With a loud voice, Sun Dongqing roared, “Jian lass, what do you think you’re doing! Come back! Come back here!”

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“Hai Da, Hai Da, quickly, grab that Jian lass quickly! That foolish lass, if she isn’t thinking straight, she might even leap from the embankment!”

The villager strolling by with a hoe on his shoulder immediately threw it aside upon hearing the loud roar, and he ran to where Ye Jian was in a few quick steps before pulling her away from the edge with his strong steel-like hand.

The scare must have affected him because the force he had exerted was so great that even he himself was thrown, together with Ye Jian, into a paddy field.

“Uncle Hai, you should be more careful.” Ye Jian’s response was fast, and she helped the middle-aged man up. “I came out from the house not too long ago and my aunt is yelling at me already. Even I am unsure why.”

Cold sweat formed on the middle-aged man’s back, but after hearing what Ye Jian said, his face did not look too good. “That aunt of yours only knows how to make others alarmed! I was almost scared out of my wits.”

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And then he went on, “Lass, didn’t you pass out just yesterday? Why aren’t you resting at home? Why did you come to the embankment?”

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