Chapter 760: Frightening Old Granny Ye

Old Granny Ye looked at her aggrieved daughter, she couldn’t bear it and said: “She’s no longer here right now, what are you bothered about? Your elder brother is raising that child; you’re not feeling at ease?”


“Why aren’t you happy he’s raising out a piece of trash? Please don’t make me lose face upon returning to the southern province. I’m already so old and am still smiling every day, why is a youngster like you so easily agitated?”

“Son-in-law has a big household right now, and there are only three things you need to focus on as a rich wife: Guard your two sons, secondly, guard the money in the house, thirdly, dress-up nicely.”

As for her son-in-law, Sun Yaozu, who was one eye blind, Old Granny Ye did not even mention him, and there was nothing worth mentioning. A woman does not live for a man, especially when Sun Yaozu was a man who cannot hold himself back. He led a life of luxury and debauchery once he had money, he would either have an affair with an actress or some model! 

For such a man, Old Granny Ye would not persuade her to guard her man, man and her son were the two things she must focus on!

Ye Zhixiang still wanted to say something, seeing there was no longer a smile on Old Granny Ye’s sweet face, she held back her anger, took out an exquisite phone and dialed a series of numbers.

The phone didn’t seem to have good reception during the storm after Ye Zifan said a few words, he hung up the phone because the response was bad.

He turned his head and looked at his wife with an unexpected expression: “My mother is staying in Kaiser’s Hotel right now, my younger sister is also there right now. You’re telling me that you two are not going over to accompany her for a talk, is that appropriate?”

“Also, I have to explain about Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine’s matter to my mother, or else, our husband and wife can stop thinking of having a peaceful life. As for a reason, you, Sun Dongqing, should be aware of it.”

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Ye Ying did not wish to go because, in her memory, that grandmother who was not close to her did not have much affection as grandmother and granddaughter.

As for the reason why Sun Dongqing did not wish to go was that she did not wish to face the old woman who always picked faults with her, another reason was that…… She never treated Old Granny Ye as her own mother-in-law.

Her daughter Ye Ying did not know the reason why, but she herself knew.

The corner of her lips twitched, she said coldly: “It’s raining heavily, it’s not even easy to drive right now, only that old woman can think of asking us to bring along Ye Ying in the heavy rain to meet her! Why did she run back to the southern province instead of spending her days with her Ye Zhixiang?”

She became agitated and complained: “Every time she comes back, she would stay in the provincial capital, she would not care about when she comes back. I’m feeling heartache for you. No matter what moment, you must head there with a single sentence from that old woman!”

“In the heavy snow that year, she came over by flight. But you? The show was so heavy that the mountain road was blocked, how far did you have to walk? Old Ye, I’m feeling disgruntled on your behalf.”

No matter how foolish Sun Dongqing was, at least she had always been thinking for the sake of Ye Zifan.

That was also the reason why Ye Zifan never changed to a new wife even after being promoted.

He was unable to call the shots when he was young, and it was the old woman who called the shots and made him marry her. He initially thought it wouldn’t be peaceful, and it would only cause trouble for him. Who knew that not only was his wife beautiful, she even looked after him. Even when the old woman was cruel in secret, she held on all by herself; she even secretly saved the food she had and left it for him.

With so much that happened in the past, even if he was not too clean outside, but because of the things that happened when he was young, he never thought of getting a divorce.

The feelings were gone, but she still thought for his sake.

Hearing her words, Ye Zifan sighed. He looked at his confused daughter and said softly: “My mother has wanted to face her whole life, just calm down, it’ll be fine once she leaves.”

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