Chapter 862: Let’s Do Bad Things Together

His lover of seventeen years, the only woman he loved in this life, is it possible for him to see her marry another man?

Xia Jinyuan, who walked to the door, opened the lock. He turned his head and looked at the lonely figure sitting on the sofa; there was solemnness on his beautiful and incomparably handsome face; there were dark undulations in his eyes.

That was the only thing he could help with. If Hou Zi was reluctant to give up his current standing, it won’t be much of a problem for Xia Yiwei to marry her first love.

After all, both of them broke up that year due to a misunderstanding and Hou Zi playing some tricks. One had been single until now, waiting for someone, the other was not in a good relationship and had reached the age or marriage, a wedding can be concluded.

If you fall in love, don’t worry too much about it, if there were so many scruples, was there a point to be together?

The final result of hesitation would be a failure. If he kept considering and waiting for the little fox to enter university before considering, those little boys would make a move first.

Towards the person you love, the biggest mistake is being too opinionated!

Not regretting after taking action, not regretting after falling in love. Merely thinking about it and then handling the things that might possibly disrupt their relationship, what’s so difficult about that? What’s the most difficult is his own heart. His mind was uncertain; his game plan was uncertain; he had too many scruples. 

He does not care about his own feelings in the relationship, no matter how difficult it is, it will not stop him from taking action!

After pausing at the door for a while, Xia Jinyuan suddenly said: “Brother Zi, I came back this time and might bring you some danger. But the only person I can think of is you.”

“For so many years, which day did I, Hou Zi, not walk on the tip of a knife? You come to find me means you look up to me and trust me. It won’t be a problem for whatever danger, as long as I can handle it,” Hou Zi, who was currently living in great waves seemed to have known for a long time. He said calmly with an arrogant gaze, “With your identity and to be able to bring me danger, it’s indeed dangerous enough. I’ve done so many things but never done bad things to protect a soldier. It’s not bad to give it a try.”

In the face of danger, only Hou Zi from the underworld will have great courage to dare say, giving it a try.

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Xia Jinyuan’s mouth curled up, and he then said: “Brother Zi, if you have an opportunity to choose carefully, how do you plan to live with Xia Yiwei? Continue with your own life and allow Xia Yiwei to marry someone else?”

Choose carefully?

“A single choice?” Hou Zi’s gaze was slightly fixed, he turned his head from the sofa and looked dumbly at the young man standing like a pine tree at the door, “Are you willing to see your little girlfriend marry someone else?”

It seems his affairs with Xia Yiwei have not reached a dead end. Xia Jinyuan nodded and said with a faint smile: “I understand, rest earlier.”

The opportunity is here, Hou Zi could grab it, and he and Xia Yiwei would be boundless beyond vista in the future, if he missed it, Hou Zi will still be the current Hou Zi, and Xia Yiwei will be someone else’s wife.

“What opportunity? It’s not convenient to speak right now?” Hou Zi swept his hazy gaze and stood up from the sofa; he fixed his gaze at Xia Jinyuan, “The opportunity I want needs me to shuffle everything in my hands, are you able to give it to me?”

Xia Jinyuan raised his brows, and he calmly said: “Cooperate with the territory under your feet, I wonder if this shuffle is big enough? Furthermore, Brother Zi, you’re the person I thought of, and the only person who could help me right now.”

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