Chapter 863: Cooperating With The Territory Under His Feet

Cooperating with the territory under his feet…… Opportunity. The wine in Hou Zi’s wine glass swirled, he stared at Xia Jinyuan for a long time. He finished the wine in the wineglass in one shot. After getting some confirmation, there were smiles in his eyes: “I trust you, Old Sixth.”

“I also trust you, Brother Zi,” Xia Jinyuan closed the door and left the room of this thirty-seven-year-old man who finally understood Xia Yiwei as important as his own life. A faint smile flickered in his eyes.

This woman, Xia Yiwei, was really hard to handle. The sentence ‘breaking up’ was able to force a boss from the underworld to give up on his empire and only want the beauty. Xia Yiwei, you’ve succeeded!

Standing on the hallway of the 23rd floor, Xia Jinyuan’s eyes looked through the glass; there was a streamer deep in his eyes. Some people were beginning to have their wish come true, and he wondered if he was able to also have his wish come true.

The night tonight was not bad; there were no stars nor the moon, just a slight breeze. It was a really suitable, serene night.

If his wish came true tonight, he and the little fox can fight side by side and, at the same time, enjoyed the peaceful night together!

Watch the sunrise?

Sitting together on the sofa in the room on the 23rd floor to watch the sunrise?

It feels pretty good. He should just wait, wait for the call from the military district.

Although he had returned to the southern province, he had brought danger along to the southern province, the danger of luring all the ‘snakes’ to the southern province. The person was in the country, and the mission was not interrupted; he was waiting for the army to approve his application right now.

The phone placed inside his bathrobe was buzzing and vibrating, Xia Jinyuan’s eyes dimmed as if he didn’t notice the faint smile at the corner of his lips. A man in a bathrobe, which could not conceal his elegant posture, walked by to his own room gracefully.

This phone was a modified exclusive phone. For a text message to be delivered so late at night, there would be no one other than the army and his comrades.

He originally wanted to find the little fox right now and drag her to see the sunrise, and it seems he had to postpone the plan.

“I am Q King.”

“Q King, people from overseas have sneaked into the country, the second execution mission of the storm mission, luring a snake out of the hole mission begins.”

Xia Jinyuan opened the curtains of his room. He sat on the sofa, which looked identical to the one in Hou Zi’s room as he looked at the city, “Roger, I’ve already contacted triad boss Hou Zi from the southern province, his identity must be protected. I’m waiting for the action at any moment.”

There was silence on the phone, but it only lasted for a few seconds, but it felt so long that the night was about to pass.

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“Your decision is very dangerous, whether you ask Hou Zi to participate or invite Ye Jian for support, it’s very risky. The army is using a cautious attitude to object to it, but Commander-in-chief Xia supports it.”

“Q King, your current identity right now is too special. We can trust Ye Jian, but Hou Zi. Once Hou Zi finds out and reveals your whereabouts, you should know what dilemma you will fall into.

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The voice at the other side of the phone was deep and icy; his tone was smooth without the slightest undulations. He was the superior leader of the Elite Platoon, an army general whom Ye Jian met in Pakistan.

Xia Jinyuan said calmly: “I believe that Hou Zi’s personal file is already on the meeting table of the army. Although he is someone from the triads, he’s a principled man. Many people outside the borders have tried to contact him, they even countered him with many superior conditions, but the people sent out were all secretly resolved by him. The foreign organizations don’t dare to come forward to get revenge.” 

“Just based on this point, I believe Hou Zi will not expose my identity.”

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