Chapter 864: Young Master Xia Who Snuck Into The Room In The Middle Of The Night

Why did he directly come to the southern province to find Hou Zi? It wasn’t just because of Hou Zi’s strength, and it was because he believed in Hou Zi’s character! In the country, only Hou Zi alone dares to directly kill the people sent by the foreign organizations!

“If that’s not the case, the army would not agree to you and Hou Zi contacting,” The General spoke to that point, and his voice became dignified, “Comrades who sacrifice themselves for others to live are really great, and your decision is greatly admired by all of us, but I don’t hope to see anything happen to any of you.”

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“The army has completely agreed to your application. Ye Jian is approved to join the operation, becoming your second cover, allowing her to be the secret sword of my army in the southern province. Once the snake is lured out of the hole, the secret sword comes out of the sheath and kills without amnesty!”

There was a flicker in Xia Jinyuan’s eyes, the corner of his lips curled up in the dark room. He had actually come to the southern province, how could the little fox not fight side by side with him?

The little fox wanted actual combat experience, and he would give it to her. As long as there was an opportunity, he would definitely give her actual combat experience.

It was because he had promised to hold Ye Jian’s hand tightly and grow with her. The promise of a gentleman cannot be bought. He always keeps in mind what he had promised.

At this moment, his wish came true.

“You need to check on her response, don’t directly inform her for the time being,” The General then said, “The army hopes she can be your current support in the southern province. Probe first, then inform her.”

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Ye Jian was a student, even if her file had appeared in the military district and was recorded inside the system, her identity was still a student, the army did not keep track of her movements all the time. The General had said ‘check on her response’; it was actually a test, a test to see whether Ye Jian qualified to be a secret sword that killed the snake lured out of the hole without amnesty.

Major Xia, who was thinking of dragging Ye Jian out to watch the sunrise, nodded and said calmly: “Alright, I’ll strictly implement your order.”

“G3 will contact you later, all of you must be careful,” After the Major said what needed to be said, he directly ended the call. A text message appeared on Xia Jinyuan’s phone.

G3 sent out a text message, and it was the text message Xia Jinyuan had been waiting for.

G3’s text message stated he was rushing towards the southern province, K7 who had not contacted him also sent out a text message, the text message sent at 11.05 pm said he had safely entered the country.

K7 was injured in this operation and lost contact with his teammates; nobody knew where he currently was. It was 14 hours away from the said 120 hours, and G3 suddenly received K7’s text message saying he had safely entered the country…… Receiving K7’s text message was good news, but since he entered the country, why didn’t he send his coordinates to G3?

When receiving the text message, Xia Jinyuan sat quietly alone while feeling worried, and he sat down until three in the morning.

It was already three o’clock…… Xia Jinyuan looked outside the window, the corner of his lips curled up, it seemed he could pick up the little fox to this place to watch the sunrise.

At that moment, Ye Jian had already fallen asleep, how would she know she would coordinate with Xia Jinyuan in battle with the identity of a student? She slept soundly and maintained her sleeping posture; there wasn’t the slightest change, Ye Jian remained disciplined even when sleeping.

When she opened her eyes, a cold light flashed in her eyes, her right hand grabbed a pillow and threw the pillow at the black figure standing beside her bed, she then rolled to the side of the bed, squatted down and hid.

Someone snuck into her room, and she didn’t immediately notice! She had not trained for half a month and was not as alert as before!!

The instant the pillow was thrown out, Xia Jinyuan suddenly chuckled, “It’s me.”

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