Chapter 902: Though Distant, Must Execute!

The television screen flashed, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon had turned off the television, “Anything that can be broadcasted onto the news wouldn’t have any problems with them, there’s someone amongst them whose identity is a weapons specialist.”    

A weapons specialist identity? Summit of Religious Leaders? Since this was a religious summit, then everyone present should be related to religion, why was there a weapons specialist there?    

If religion was caught up with weapons, then it’ll lose the meaning of religion. Instead, it will turn gory.    

Decapitation strike, the mission they went on was a decapitation strike operation, Summit of Religious Leaders; weapons specialist…, Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine suddenly held in her breath, their operation involved someone amongst the summit!  

The person they eliminated was a troublesome fellow, who flew the banner of ‘religious summit’ and was actually stirring up lots of problems for China. A person like that would seem saintly from the surface, spreading the teachings of religion like a Messiah, but in reality, he was the true creator of gore and violence!

Xia Jinyuan noticed a flash of understanding on her petite face. It seemed that his little fox had realized what the target of their ‘decapitation’ was like.   

While buttoning up his suit, his lips unnoticeably curved upwards while he brought up a past event. “While in No Man’s Land, amongst the mercenaries that we have eliminated, there was an active-duty soldier. That soldier followed that certain someone who flew the banner of ‘religious summit’ to operate in Tibetan lands and went into the heart of Tibet. He crossed our borders as a religious follower, then stole military intel from our borders, while also sowing the seeds of unruly thinking, with the intention of causing unrest near our borders.”    

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“Little fox, our war is everywhere, though everything appears peaceful, but there are always countless other countries eying our country covetously, seeking opportunities to disturb the balance and undermine our country’s might to achieve those unspeakable goals of theirs.”    

“What we need to do is eliminate these beings that are wreaking havoc in the shadows while giving out a warning to other countries to maintain the peace and stability by our borders.”


They were soldiers, and the duty of a soldier was to maintain the peace of their country, maintain and protect the borders of their country, protect the stability of the government and regime and protect the stability of society. The moment they discovered any abnormal situation that undermined the peace of their country, they would unsheathe their swords. 

Ye Jian listened quietly. She lifted her head and then noticed Xia Jinyuan, who was wearing a black suit, standing before her eyes. In the blink of an eye, a respectable soldier had turned into a composed and restrained businessman.

She laughed with pursed lips, “Captain Xia, you’re a natural model.”   

“It suits me well, not bad.” Xia Jinyuan straightened his tie, and his thin lips hooked slightly upwards. Momentarily, a noble and refined temperament flowed out between his brows, “What about now, do I resemble one?”     

Not just resemble, the current Xia Jinyuan was exactly how a mature, composed elite of the business world would look. His every movement ebbed and flowed with a unique temperament.   

It doesn’t matter how he disguised himself; he was always the one who stood at the top, the Xia Jinyuan, who wouldn’t alter his air of nobility.

With her lips curving up, Ye Jian nodded her head, “Very much so, nobody would realize Captain Xia was actually a soldier.” No matter if he brought Danger to her side, he was still a soldier that she respected! 

“Danger is always around the corner; it all depends on how you face it. No matter if you were relaxing or worrying, Danger will never disappear by itself. And I have decided to face it relaxedly.” As if he was reading her mind, when Xia Jinyuan was picking up her bag, he restrained the gaze in his eyes and straightened the cheery smile on his face, he stared at her with cold pupils, in a severe tone: “The attitude you face things is also your mental toughness, you need to polish it persistently so that it will never cease to improve.”

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