Chapter 903: No Room For Retreat, Only Forward

“Danger is right there, the first thing that needs to come to our mind is how to solve this, not worry about it. Little fox, as a member of the special forces, even if you were just training, Danger is also present.”  

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“We are required to face emergencies at any time, calm and composed is our attitude of facing them. There is no fear, no room for retreat, only forward! That is our duty and our responsibility as a soldier!”

Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine, you must remember this, we are always amid Danger! There was never any room for retreat! The only way out is to face it, eliminate it! Complete it! Without looking back!”

The way Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon and Ye Jian interact with each other isn’t solely the interaction between couples, and he would still tell Ye Jian what a soldier should be like; telling Ye Jian in a clear and distinct manner, pointing out the dangers, obstacles ahead of them, barring Ye Jian from sprouting a mentality of avoidance.

He will become her most intimate comrade-in-arms in her future days. Grandpa Gen and Uncle Chen can instill an arsenal of skills into her and the attitude of being human, military decisiveness, and courage in handling things. In that case, Xia Jinyuan would be the person who could truly approach Ye Jian’s heart and soul.     

Whenever he tightly held Ye Jian’s hands, telling her, you are a soldier! A soldier who doesn’t have any room for retreat once putting on the military uniform! 

Ye Jian listened as his words shook her core, he was teaching her. After noticing she was amiss, he immediately pointed it out with a strict tone and nailed down the specifics while telling her what and how she should do!

That’s right, he was right! No matter what mentality you bring to face Danger, Danger is always there! Whether you are scared or frightened, it will not disappear! It will be there so that you must face it and solve it!   

There is no room for retreat once you put on the military uniform; that’s because, you are a soldier!


The bright eyes stared at the man who had once and again pointed out her mistakes. Seeing the cold strictness reflecting in his pupils and also seeing how he was filled with hope towards her, Ye Jian nodded her head, “I understand now! I will always remember this!”    

The smart Ye Jian was always a girl who would understand things easily. Xia Jinyuan had made himself so clear; naturally, she would be able to see things clearly and think things through thoroughly.    

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“Good girl. You’re the best in my heart and always will be!” She was so smart, yet so hardworking. She could receive his criticisms and scolding at any time and put her trust in him unconditionally. He would not allow such a girl to walk the path of normality, and he will hold her hands tightly and face the fires and ashes of war together.    

He needed a comrade like her, a girlfriend like her and she too, needed a comrade like him, a boyfriend like him!   

Xia Jinyuan and Ye Jian made up a circle, a circle that nobody could separate no matter what!  

9:05 a.m, the Grade 12 students who had stayed the night in the hotel had woken up one after the other. Ye Jian and Xia Jinyuan walked out of the room together, and Wang Jin, who was staying on the same floor, also opened the door with a yawning mouth.

“I’m gonna skip breakfast; I’ll have to rush over to my grandma’s place for lunch by noon, you guys go ahead.” Wang Jin said and noticed two figures walking in front of him. He didn’t recognize them immediately. Instead, he told the boy who shared his room: “I bet the couple in front of us, the guy’s handsome and the girl’s pretty, even just from looking at their backs they still look good.”    

Although Wang Jin lowered his voice, his voice was still not quiet enough for Xia Jinyuan and Ye Jian’s hearing.   

“That’s a senior from Grade 12; we should hurry.” Ye Jian hurriedly tugged on Xia Jinyuan’s sleeve as her pace quickened. Thank goodness she was wearing a casual skirt; if it were a sheath skirt, she’d most likely split the skirt at the seams from walking in such huge strides.

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