Chapter 943: Thrilling Romance In The Smoke Of Guns

Blood was still flowing down the dagger in his hand as the sharp blade instantly penetrated the other party’s heart. He twisted the knife handle to insert the tip of the knife, which had not entered the heart.

“Arghhh……” The shrill scream became the last note of this battlefield. Xia Jinyuan used his iron-like arms to lock on the other party’s head; he then used both legs to wrap around the other party’s chest, locking his struggling arms. He did not soften his heart even when he heard the mercenary’s shrill scream.

These people should be killed!

Xia Jinyuan maintained his posture, holding on to his target. He struggled fiercely initially until he gave a weak struggle, all the way until the gasping sound his throat was making vanished before Xia Jinyuan calmly loosen his hands and feet.

He stood up. With himself in the center, a hurricane seemed to have swept through the bushes around him, some bushes were even pulled out from the root.

“Ye Jian,” He raised his voice, his voice was smooth and steady. He walked over step by step as steady as a mountain, all the way until he arrived at the center of the fight, which also looked like a hurricane had swept through. In the dim light, Xia Jinyuan heard Ye Jian’s rapid gasping and found her.

She was sitting and leaning on a tree; her slender body became one with the tree and the darkness. If not for the sounds of her breathing, he would not be able to notice her.

He approached and got closer, he slowly bent down, squatted down and stared at her, “How is it? Do you have any strength to stand up?”

Both of them had a strong scent of rust on them. Ye Jian blinked and looked at the man in the dark whose eyes were resplendent like the stars. The corner of her lips curled up, she smiled and said: “It’s fine, just a little exhaustion.”

That’s right; her voice was very stable without the slightest tremble; there wasn’t any fear nor any panic; she was more outstanding compared to the fight when they were in Pakistan.

Xia Jinyuan, who was originally facing her, adjusted his posture and sat shoulder to shoulder with Ye Jian. He stretched his arm around her shoulders, allowing her head to rest on his shoulder, he then held her shoulders tightly, “Rest for a while, the efficiency is good, we used one and a half hours from the first target until the last.”

“You were calculating the time,” Ye Jian inhaled a deep breath. Then, she slowly exhaled, “You can still calculate the time, I had been thinking of how to resolve the other party.”

Xia Jinyuan smiled, he said gently: “There’s time in my heart, I don’t need to calculate to know,” Turning his head, the handsome tip of his nose rubbed against her hairline. He then asked her: “Are you injured anywhere?”

“My arm is disaster-prone this year. The wound just healed, and it was cut again, hurting my right arm,” Ye Jian lifted her head, allowing his lips to touch her forehead, “How about you, are you alright?”

At that moment, even the mountain breeze became quiet; the crickets sounded again, the alarmed birds returned to their nest. Other than the blood in the air, everything was quiet and leisurely.

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Xia Jinyuan gently kissed her forehead. At that moment, he could sense Ye Jian actively approaching him, placing her heart in front of him. She was searching for dependence on him and also allowing him to find dependence on her.

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He said that through the smokes of guns on the battlefield of life and death, was such a relationship more unforgettable than those that had effete language without substance?

It wasn’t…… whether or not, but it was a fact.

Such a romance was thrilling in the smoke of guns; it could also be as mild as the clear waters and quiet mountains at leisurely times. It would not turn dull over time; they would only be more and more tacit as time goes by, being more and more dependent on each other, supporting each other.

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