Chapter 944: A Different Way To Love

They will not be separated. As long as they can still fight, they will forever be with each other, going through life and death together until the end of time.

This kind of love is more solid than the love stained in red dust, more reliable than gold, firm, and unbreakable.

The two relied heavily on each other, relying on each other after surviving desperate struggles. Even the wind didn’t wish to disturb them, allowing them to sit down and whisper to each other quietly.

“I’m fine, I’m used to it,” His lips moved away from her forehead, his large hand which was placed on her shoulder was clasping tightly. Xia Jinyuan whispered, “The gauze is in the car, I’ll treat your wound when we get into the car.”

In the wind, his voice was steady, so steady that she felt relieved. Ye Jian, whose breathing gradually became steady, no longer leaned on his shoulder. She said calmly: “The target in the southern province has been resolved, you and G3 can return to the battlefield to search for K7!”

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The mobile phone used to contact the military had always been with him when a little envelope was sent out; a group message was sent to the military.

“We’ll leave after taking care of the scene,” Xia Jinyuan stood up, allowing Ye Jian to hold his outstretched hand, pulling her up. The coldness in his eye had not dispersed; her gaze swept the scene like a blade and said indifferently: “Bury them.”

The two-hour burial caused Ye Jian’s shoulders to ache, and she couldn’t lift her hands. Her shoulder was kicked and injured in the hospital, and in addition to the fight and burial, after enduring it one after another, her shoulder had lost all strength, the soreness surged like being stabbed by needles.

“Sit for a while; I will clean the scene again,” Xia Jinyuan supported her to sit on a brick. She didn’t say anything, but he could tell, “There’s no need to hold up in front of me. Little fox, there’s no need to act strong in front of comrades, especially after the battle is over, when it’s time you need to rest and replenish your strength, you must promptly replenish yourself.”

“We don’t only have one battle, but there are countless battles.”

Ye Jian, who was clenching her teeth, was no longer putting a strong front. She sat down and allowed her shoulders to relax, “My shoulders are sore, but my feet still have the strength to walk, give me ten minutes to rest.”

“Alright, I also need ten minutes to clean up,” They got into a battle simply, they didn’t even take a single sip of water. Xia Jinyuan gently patted her shoulder. There was a hint of softness in his cold gaze, “You’re great. Ye Jian, you’re really great!”

Ye Jian raised her head and smiled at him. Her smile was faint, it was as cool and bright as the wind in the mountains, “I still need to put in more effort, I cannot be a burden to my comrades.”

“How can that be? You think that you’ve become my burden?” His softness condensed, Xia Jinyuan furrowed his brows and said solemnly: “Our bodies are not made of steel. There are moments when we will be exhausted. Exhaustion doesn’t mean that you’re a burden to your comrades. At times, your exhaustion is because you’re protecting your comrades, such exhaustion will absolutely not be a burden to your comrades.”

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“It’s precisely because you worked hard to protect your comrades and became exhausted, allowing your comrades to obtain victory. It’s not exhaustion, and it’s glory.”

He didn’t wish for her to put too much psychological pressure on herself. There was pressure, but she must remember to face it in a correct manner.

The burden is not like her understanding. The correct understanding of the burden is doing nothing at ordinary times, delaying the opportunity to fight on the battlefield,  failing to control the battlefield. Such a person was a burden.

“Think about it, but remember, don’t let your mind wander!” Xia Jinyuan stroked her hair; his voice was gentle but serious as he instructed, “Thank carefully what is a burden!”

After he finished speaking, Ye Jian laughed after looking at his tall back, turned around, and left.

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