Chapter 945: It’s A Blessing Of Three Lifetimes To Have You

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Captain Xia really cared about her in all aspects, and he was even attentive towards her mental growth. She had never encountered…… such a man, but she knew she had encountered a good and outstanding man.

A night had quietly passed when they returned to the car from the mountain.

The skies were slightly bright at five o’clock in autumn. Xia Jinyuan took out a medical kit from the car.  Ye Jian had long taken off her jacket, and she sat on the grass, wearing a short-sleeved shirt.

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The knife wound was a little deep, but it was not deep to the extent of mutilating her flesh, but because it was not bandaged, there was swelling around the wound.

Xia Jinyuan was no stranger to disinfecting and cleaning wounds. After disinfecting the wound and stopping the bleeding, he applied anti-inflammatory powder and used a gauze to wrap around her arm. Ye Jian’s arm was added with another glorious injury.

“This wound is not considered deep; it’s no wonder you can endure,” Xia Jinyuan didn’t ask her if it hurt, there was no need for such a topic. It was definitely painful, but compared to living, what was such pain considered?

He had seen too many horrifying injuries. When facing Ye Jian’s injury, even when the person injured was his little fox, he didn’t think it was necessary to hug and coax her.

As a soldier, you need to endure the pain and endure injuries. Those who whined at a slight movement were scoundrels in the unit.

Ye Jian picked up her bloody sports jacket, she felt distressed and said: “It’s brand new, I cannot wear it again!”

“A camouflage won’t. If it’s stained in Blood, add some detergent and soak overnight, scrub hard for a few rounds the next day, and it would be clean,” Xia Jinyuan lowered his head and looked at the clumps of stains on his body, he raised his brows, “Mine cannot be worn again.”

Both of them had blood stains on their faces, Xia Jinyuan took out the car key he hid on the tree, he smiled at Ye Jian who was holding her jacket and feeling a heartache, he said: “Let’s go and find a place with water to wash our face and hands.”

“Are you not going to find G3 immediately?” Ye Jian didn’t throw her jacket aside, she held it in her arms and got into the car, “G3 is alone in the hospital, why don’t we contact him first?”

After starting the car and turning on the high beam, the car drove on the misty mountain path. There was a peal of faint laughter in the car, “No need; he will return to the hotel on his own initiative.”

The whole night’s action had made their bones sore. Standing by the mountain stream, Ye Jian grabbed an unknown seaweed; she washed away the Blood on her arms and fingers first.

A pair of slender hands which were also stained in Blood stretched out, grabbing her hands, using the grass he fragmented earlier to gently rub on it, “Blood can be washed away right now, but it would get more and more in the future. At times, you can even smell your hands reeking of Blood.”

“I always thought that I could forget about holding a girl’s hand with this pair of hands, which has the scent of blood.”  It was all Blood. At times, his fingers couldn’t help but tremble when he saw it, but right now, he was holding a pair of hands which was also stained with Blood. Xia Jinyuan only felt his heart go soft.

The girl beside him also had a pair of hands that were stained in Blood just like him. She was not afraid, nor did she flinch, she faced it bravely together with him, and she even provided him support in times of danger.

Just as G3 said, able to find a girl who could accept them was a blessing of three lifetimes.

As for him, he was finding a girl who can accept his profession was a blessing of three lifetimes!

Ye Jian frowned a little; she didn’t understand what did he mean, she joked: “Why? You had thought of holding the hands of another girl in the past?”

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