Chapter 42: The Best Training Partner

“Hehe, this fellow truly is someone able to be hated by ten thousand people. He offended so many with one sentence!”

Ling Yixue had secretly been paying attention to Ling Xiao.

Even when he had been weak, she had observed him. This remained the same today.

“Senior apprentice sister Yixue, how can you still laugh? If that fellow actually uses a basic martial art against Ling Ziran, that’s simply courting death!”

“That’s not necessarily the case!”

Ling Yixue smiled, looking forward to the match.

Nearby, Ling Yihang finally opened his eyes and muttered in surprise, “It seems that the people of the Elite Hall will be surprised this time. Perhaps, our Elite Hall will lose some face.”

“Good! Very Good! Ling Xiao, oh Ling Xiao, you reckless thing! Today, I’ll let you know what is truly called strength!”

Ling Ziran’s complexion turned sinister. The sword in his hand trembled as a ruthless glint appeared in his eyes.

He planned to cripple Ling Xiao!

If not for the annual competition forbidding homicide, he would have strived to hack Ling Xiao to death.

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“Choose your weapon!”

Ling Ziran took a deep breath and growled.

“There’s no need!”

Ling Xiao indifferently spoke.

“Courting death! Snake Dance Sword Technique!”

Ling Ziran snorted and his sword broke into several afterimages like a den of poisonous snakes.

“<Snake Dance Sword Technique> is an advanced sword technique. Ling Ziran is truly angry! Going all out from the start…”

Ling Ziran had no intention to hold back.

The most terrifying aspect of this < Snake Dance Sword Technique> was its ruthlessness and oddness. Opponents often couldn’t predict the angle from which this sword would pierce.

Although the move’s momentum was inferior to those that focused on power, its lethality was not inferior to those more powerful moves.

Like being stared at by countless poisonous snakes, people would shudder beneath its might.

However, although Ling Ziran’s sword technique was fierce, people paid more attention to Ling Xiao.

Everyone wanted to know whether Ling Xiao would do as he had said. 

He had claimed that he would use a basic martial art, but would he actually?

After all, there was no stipulation for him to follow through with his promise. Even if he used an intermediate or even an advanced martial art, no one could complain.

Ling Xiao ignored everyone’s gaze.

Ling Ziran was truly unqualified for him to use a higher grade martial art.

A basic martial art was more than enough!

“Barbarian Bull Strength!”

It’s still Barbarian Bull Strength!

With a loud roar, a barbarian bull’s phantom rose.

Ling Xiao stood still. He had no intention to back down.

He was truly using a basic martial art!

This fellow was crazy!

“Courting death!”

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“Senior apprentice brother Ziran, don’t hold back! This fellow considers everyone beneath his notice; he deserves to be crippled!”

After their initial shock, anger rippled through the crowd.

They had thought that Ling Xiao had been bluffing and wouldn’t dare to actually follow through. Like that, they could later humiliate him.

However, beyond their imagination, he did not flinch. He remained true to his word.

He did what he had said.

“Bastard! Get down for me!”

Ling Ziran’s cloudy complexion looked like ink could be squeezed from his skin.

Suddenly, his face lost its blood, the color draining until he was ghastly pale.

True qi eruption!

His sword suddenly disappeared and condensed into a python!

The python issued an ear-deafening roar, making the nearby martial artists involuntarily retreat a few steps.

A vicious air corrupted the atmosphere.


“This sword technique truly displays the essence of <Snake Dance Sword Technique>. Its weirdness can transform into fearsome might.”

“Ling Xiao is a Rank Three Martial Vein martial artist. Even if he uses all his strength, he cannot deal with this sword, yet he actually dared to use a basic martial art!”

“Although Ling Xiao’s performance has been amazing so far, he was too arrogant. This kind of person will not live long.”

Many people made all sorts of comments. Even the higher-ups of the Ling Clan were not optimistic about Ling Xiao’s fate.


With a thunderous sound, Ling Ziran’s sword pierced Ling Xiao.

However, no blood appeared.

Ling Xiao had unexpectedly caught the sword between his palms. 

As a basic martial art, <Barbarian Bull Strength> didn’t have any special moves. It only detailed a method to use true qi.

Therefore, punches, kicks, anything could be used.

“Go to hell for me!”

Ling Ziran hysterically yelled, before flaring his true qi to power this <Snake Dance Sword Technique> to the limit.

He was a Peak Rank Three Martial Vein martial artist!

He was using an advanced martial art!

If he couldn’t defeat Ling Xiao in one move, that would be a true disgrace!


Ling Xiao examined Ling Ziran’s sword and suddenly poured true qi into his hands.


The sword shattered into seven pieces!

Ling Ziran vomited blood from the true qi backlash. He stumbled back a few steps before he managed to stabilize himself.

On the other side, Ling Xiao stood still without having moved an inch. He didn’t have the intention to chase him.

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

Ling Ziran completely lost his composure.

He couldn’t believe it.

He had clearly used all his strength, but not only had he not injured his opponent, but even his weapon had been broken.

True humiliation!

“What happened just now?”

The spectators were similarly dumbfounded.

Although they had imagined many possibilities, no one had expected this.

“Can anyone lend me a weapon? My sword must’ve been too rusty!”

Ling Ziran didn’t believe that he had lost; he blamed his failure on his sword.

Although this excuse didn’t seem unreasonable, it completely shirked admitting his loss and was truly shameless. 

“Ling Ziran, catch!”

Unexpectedly, the first to respond was Ling Feng. He tossed his sword onto the stage.

Compared to common swords, his sword was naturally much better.

Ordinary people might not understand why he had helped Ling Ziran.

Only Ling Feng knew that he feared Ling Xiao. He wanted to see through Ling Xiao’s tricks using Ling Ziran.

“Many thanks!”

Ling Ziran caught it before glaring at Ling Xiao. “This time, you will lose!”

“Snake Dance Sword Technique-Devouring Python!”

The same sword technique!

The same style!

Ling Ziran clearly sought to defeat Ling Xiao with this treasured sword and sword technique. He had to prove that his previous loss had truly only been due to his fragile sword.

Honestly speaking, this treasured sword was not bad.

It could indeed create some trouble for Ling Xiao.

However, since he had dared to let Ling Ziran use it, he naturally had no fear.

“Barbarian Bull Strength!”

If you wreck havoc like a storm, I will be as stable as Mount Tai!

No matter how hysterical Ling Ziran was!

No matter how angry and frenzied he struck!

Ling Xiao’s indifferent expression never changed. 

In his eyes, Ling Ziran was worth nothing.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

During their continuous exchange, Ling Xiao never used any other martial arts. He exchanged blows only using Barbarian Bull Strength.

This was to temper his combat experience.

Since Ling Ziran was a rare, decent training partner, to ignore this opportunity would be wasteful.

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