Chapter 43: Easy Advancement

One move!

Two moves!

Three moves!


A cat and mouse drama played out on the martial stage.

“How can this be? Ling Xiao is only using a basic martial art, but he’s still firmly suppressing Ling Ziran!”

“What kind of monster is this fellow?”

Even stupid people could see that Ling Xiao could have defeated Ling Ziran within a few moves.

However, he toyed with his opponent to practice his skill! 

Ling Ziran’s face was pale from excessively consuming his true qi. He already couldn’t maintain his former power level.

He was unable to believe this! Ling Xiao was like a big mountain, and he was just a stupid wild boar.

Even if it rammed the bottom countless times, it wouldn’t move a big mountain.

“Stop. Victory and defeat are already clear!”

A person from the judge’s box announced.

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“No! I haven’t lost yet!!”

Ling Ziran roared like a madman and continued attacking.

The judges sighed. They could only provide suggestions; they couldn’t enforce their decisions.

Unless Ling Ziran left the martial stage or took the initiative to admit defeat, this match wouldn’t end.

“What do you all think about this match? In any case, I’m confused. A Rank Three Martial Vein martial artist using a basic martial art is pressuring a Peak Rank Three Martial Vein martial artist using an advanced martial art. This is abnormal!”

A judge frowned and asked the other judges.

“Ling Xiao is calm and reserved. His true qi is thick and his combat experience even richer; moreover, his basic martial art has stepped into sublimity! As for Ling Ziran, although he has reached Peak Rank Three Martial Vein, his true qi is inferior to Ling Xiao’s. He’s also quite impulsive, and his combat experience is insufficient. Although he is using an advanced martial art, he can only display 50% to 60% of its power.”

A relatively older judge rubbed his beard before commenting.

This person was clearly the most respected person among them; his words held great weight.

Although he couldn’t see through Ling Xiao’s true strength, his fundamental judgment was not wrong.

“A basic martial art has stepped into sublimity? Do basic martial arts also have the sublimity stage?”

So-called sublimity meant reaching the acme of perfection.

It was generally believed that only peak martial arts could enter sublimity.

Cultivating a basic martial art to perfection was already pretty good, so how could it enter a further stage? There was simply no such precedent.

“To be honest, this old man also doesn’t know how he achieved it, but watch how he moves! Everything is practically flawless! This is the characteristic of entering sublimity!”

What he said was correct. When an average person cultivated a martial art, it was impossible for him or her to achieve perfection.

Even if they succeeded, only 90% of its might would be displayed.

This had to do with the limits of the human body and aptitude.

However, upon entering sublimity, one could display 100% of a martial art without any flaws!

Even if it were a basic martial art, it could still trouble an opponent, especially if he or she was not so powerful.

“Then, can he defeat everyone just by relying on a basic martial art?”

“No, he can’t. A basic martial art is still a basic martial art. Even if it has reached the acme of perfection and can display its full power, a limit exists. Dealing with this half-baked Ling Ziran is not a problem, but it will be useless against Ling Feng, Ling Yixue, Ling Yihang, and the others.”

“So that’s how it is! But, why did he waste time promoting a basic martial art to sublimity? What could be his reason?”

“There are many. Compared to advanced or peak martial arts, it is much easier to practice basic martial arts to sublimity if you know a method. Like this, you can accumulate experience that will apply for later advanced and peak martial arts.”

That elder sighed, “This Ling Xiao has always been obscure and unknown. He suddenly rose to power just half a month ago. He truly is one of my Ling Clan’s rare geniuses. His future is unlimited. To be honest, his most valuable trait is not his youth of 14 years but his expert-like calm and dignity. This is very rare.”

“Eh? It seems it’s finally over!”

While speaking, he suddenly glanced at the martial stage.

At this moment, Ling Ziran wheezed as he struggled to stand. His continuous eruption had exhausted his true qi.

Ling Xiao shook his head. Now, his opponent couldn’t even serve as a training partner.

It was time to end this.

He suddenly reached out with his right hand and pinched the tip of the sword approaching his chest with two fingers. He then kicked Ling Ziran in the chest.

Ling Ziran didn’t have any ability to defend himself now.He could only let himself be sent flying before heavily landing outside the stage.

“Ling Ziran, you have seriously injured too many fellow disciples. You are not eligible to advance further!”

Ling Xiao stood above him and righteously proclaimed from the stage.

Ling Ziran groaned in pain.

His ribs had been broken; moreover, he had suffered serious internal injuries.

Even if he had wanted to continue in the competition, it would be impossible.

He could only forfeit or be continuously defeated and eventually eliminated.

He only had these two choices.

In any case, Ling Xiao didn’t like this Ling Ziran. Although they were all from the same clan, this fool had been too ruthless. It was better to eliminate him here.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ling Xiao, good job!”

“Long live Senior Apprentice Brother Ling Xiao!”

This action made Ling Xiao’s popularity soar once more.

“Number 9588 wins. 97 wins in a row!”

The judges were all shocked.

The results were truly beyond their expectations.

“See that? See that! I was right! Senior Apprentice Brother Ling Xiao used a basic martial art to defeat Ling Ziran! He’s too amazing!”

“That was incredible. He really did it and won…”

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The people who had supported Ling Ziran felt like they were dreaming. Some people even pinched themselves to make sure.

Originally, he had been the focal point of the 10,000 currently-competing contestants, but now, he became the focus of even more people.

“Hee hee, senior apprentice sister Yixue, your insight is truly good! You actually guessed this result.”

Several female disciples beside Ling Yixue exclaimed in surprise.

“Humph, it’s nothing remarkable. No matter how good a basic martial art is, it’s still a basic martial art. That waste Ling Ziran cannot compare to me!”

A cold snort came from one side. Of course, it was Ling Feng.

“Big Brother Feng, you must avenge me!”

Ling Yu who had been snuggling beside Ling Feng had lost the qualifications to advance after losing to Ling Xiao. Glaring at Ling Xiao, she wished to cut the other party into pieces.

“Rest assured, Sister Yu. Just rest and recuperate!”

After consoling Ling Yu, he suddenly met Ling Xiao’s eye before shouting, “Ling Xiao, if you have the ability, win 100 matches in a row and advance. When you meet me, I will let you know that a dog sublimity basic martial art is just trash!”

His voice was directly transmitted to the martial stage from the audience.

He was full of confidence; he never even thought of losing. 

“Rest assured. To deal with you, just this basic martial art is enough.”

Ling Xiao was also confident. As long as Ling Feng had yet to condense gang qi, he could defeat him with only Barbarian Bull Strength.

Merely, he might have to use <Soaring Cloud Steps>.

After all, Ling Feng wasn’t Ling Ziran; he was at least three times stronger. It would be somewhat difficult to defeat him with just a basic martial art.

However, matched with <Soaring Cloud Steps>, it would be more than enough!

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