Chapter 44: A Thousand People’s Chaotic Battle

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Hearing Ling Xiao’s words, Ling Feng turned green. He hadn’t expected Ling Xiao to look down on him like he had Ling Ziran!

“Good! We’ll see!” Ling Feng gritted his teeth.

Ling Xiao faintly smiled and silently continued his matches.

In the next three matches, all his opponents took the initiative to surrender, so he easily won his 100 successive matches.

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“Congratulations, number 9588. Disciple Ling Xiao is the sole person to win 100 consecutive matches and has successfully advanced to the 1000-person name list!”

Being promoted to the namelist of a thousand people meant that he had entered the Elite Hall. He was no longer an unqualified disciple.

Countless people envied him.

It was already turning late, some other people still competed beneath the faint light. Ling Xiao, however, left the competition square.

In his opinion, only Ling Yixue, Ling Yihang, and the disciples of the Genius Hall had sufficient strength to be worth considering.

Since they didn’t have any matches currently, he would go home and rest.

Before returning home, he stopped by the Medicine Hall.

“What’s the matter, little fellow? Were you eliminated? Isn’t the competition still ongoing?”

In the Medicine Hall, Ling Xiao unexpectedly ran into Ling Jiu accompanied by another middle-aged man. He should be Ling Feng’s father.

The one who had satirically spoken was Ling Jiu.

“Yes. Uncle Jiu, I advanced early via winning 100 consecutive matches.”

Ling Xiao cupped his hands and indifferently sought Teacher Uncle in the Medicine Hall.

Left behind, Ling Jiu and Ling Feng’s father wore awkward expressions.

“Hahaha, Uncle Jiu, didn’t this kid bully your family’s Ling Chong? Why are you letting him trample on your dignity?”

After composing himself, Ling Feng’s father suddenly laughed.

“Humph, it’s good that he advanced. Tieshou will sort him out.”

“That’s not necessarily the case. Perhaps, my family’s Feng’er will get rid of him first.”

These two clearly didn’t put Ling Xiao in their eyes. They thought that either Ling Tieshou or Ling Feng would easily defeat him.

While they chatted, Ling Xiao had already received three gang qi pills and left!

Ling Xiao didn’t want these people to notice his pills, so he left via a backdoor.

Returning home, he ate some handmade dumplings his grandfather had made before cultivating in his training room. 

A gang qi pill entered his stomach.

In the span of one night, the gang qi in his third martial vein had already risen to 90%.

With 10% more, he would make a breakthrough.

However, he had to compete today, so he put the remaining two gang qi pills in the training room and left for the competition.

Yesterday, the competition had allegedly lasted until midnight before deciding on the top one thousand. 

Such matches could only be regarded as rookies pecking at each other; they were not significant.

Other than Ling Xiao, the other 990 conformed with the norm, so the elimination rounds quickly ended in favor of the more exciting showdowns.

On the second day, a thousand disciples, including the seeded players, gathered at the competition square.

Ling Xiao looked forward to today’s matches.

After yesterday’s fights, he had clearly noticed rapid progress in his combat experience. Even his cultivation had improved a bit.

This kind of fighting was definitely beneficial and not a waste of time.

“All 1000 here are qualified to enter the Elite Hall! However, in today’s competition, the greater part of you will be eliminated. Only the few remaining will participate in the finals!”

“Now, I will explain the rules…”

The rules of the semi-finals differed from the preliminary round’s.

It was divided into two phases.

The first phase would divide them into ten groups of a hundred people.

Those 100 people would be placed on a big martial stage in a big free-for-all, and the last 10 standing would be promoted to the second phase.

In other words, it would be a chaotic battle!

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The higher-ups naturally had their own reasons for such a competition.

A martial artist couldn’t only excel in one-on-one battles.

He or she needed to learn to protect him or herself during chaotic battles too.

Ling Xiao had laughed at the first phase.

This phase was very easy for him.

He didn’t even need to make a move. As long as he dodged with his nimble movement techniques, he would remain. In any case, the second phase would be the real challenge.

After ten people were selected from each group, they would be promoted to the finals with ninety others.

At that time, he would meet Ling Feng, Ling Yihang, Ling Yixue, and others who would provide a real fight.

Therefore, in the first phase, he didn’t need to exert great effort and would save his energy.

After the rules were explained, Ling Xiao was arranged in the tenth group. The strongest person there was Ling Fei, who ranked tenth.

He was the same person who Ling Xiao had once defeated in a movement technique competition.

As soon as the match started, it turned strange. Ling Xiao didn’t know whether it had been agreed in advance, but the other 99 people simultaneously charged at him.

“They can do this?”

“Ling Xiao has offended many people!”

“It’s not just because of private feuds. I fear some are jealous and don’t want him to advance.”

“Then, what’s to be done? Even if it were Ling Yihang or even Ling Feifan, I fear they wouldn’t be confident in defeating 99 people at once.”

“What can be done? Nothing! Although it’s unfortunate, I guess he will be eliminated here.”

Although many people sweated for him and felt this was a bit unfair, no rules had been broken.

However, the next scene gave these people a happy surprise. 

Ling Xiao sat cross-legged approximately 20 meters mid-air. He actually successfully maintained this position for 15 minutes!

After 15 minutes, he fell to the ground before instantly jumping back into the air. 

Let alone attacking him, the others couldn’t even touch his clothes.

Originally, Ling Fei had wanted to borrow the power of numbers, but seeing this scene, he gave up.

No one could oppose this kind of monster.

“My god, what movement technique is that? Floating in the air for 15 minutes!”

“I don’t know!? Is there really such a movement technique in the Library Pavilion?”

“<Soaring Cloud Steps>!”

In a dark corner, Ling Jiu ferociously punched a wall.

He had never expected to ever see the <Soaring Cloud Steps> and <Bull Demon Technique> that he had previously snatched from Ling Xiao. Neither his biological nor adopted son were able to cultivate them.

Not only had these merit laws provided them no benefits, they had even harmed them. 

Still, a merit law being too difficult to cultivate was acceptable.

However, seeing that Ling Xiao had successfully practiced <Soaring Cloud Steps> almost made him vomit blood.

Due to his secret machinations, those people had targeted Ling Xiao.

Nevertheless, the results had been a joke.

After about two hours, 900 of the original 1000 were eliminated.

Ling Xiao was not the only one to advance with ease. Ling Yihang, Ling Yixue, Ling Feng, and Ling Tieshou similarly didn’t expend much strength.

Very few people dared to move against them.

After all, ten people could advance in each group. Whoever attacked these people would be quickly eliminated. With that misgiving, many didn’t dare to attack them.


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